Motorola Edge 30 Review | Excellent Design and Performance

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Motorola Edge 30 Review - A 5G Smartphone with good display, design, performance and long lasting battery life.

The world's tiniest 5G smartphone Motorola Edge 30 with just 6.79mm is loaded with incredible technology inside, and is made for outdoor comfort with just 155 grams of weight making it India the lightest 5G phone in its category. With IP52 water-repellent 1 and an eye-catching design your phone shows intricate patterns as you move the phone from one side to another side. Also, you can access it by a single tap using the display's in-display fingerprint reader.

The games and videos look fantastic on the 6.5 POLED screen. More dark blacks, more sharp contrasts and real-to-life colors are enhanced by the multi-dimensional audio that comes from Dolby Atmos. You can experience the endless contrast of darker blacks, and more than billion colors on a stunning HDR10and display. Full DCI P3 color space is the highest standards of cinematic accuracy.

Experience the responsiveness from the Snapdragon (r) 778G+ 5G chipset and enjoy the next-generation speed of 5G 4 along with Wi-Fi 6E5. Enjoy speedier and smoother multitasking using 6/8 GB RAM. Connect your mobile wirelessly with an outside device like the TV or a desktop display for you to access your applications for videos, make calls and play games and much more.

Do not be concerned about battery life. Connect to 5G speed 3 and enjoy battery life that goes on and on. You will you will have the power to last for hours after just minutes of TurboPower charging 33W. Calls and video calls go in with improved Crystal Talk audio quality, providing AI improved clarity and reduced noise in VoIP.

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