How To Design Four Corner Tray Boxes That Affect Your Sales?

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These are used to separate foods from each other, so that they can be easily identified and stored in a neat manner. You can use these trays to organize your products in an efficient way.


The four corner tray boxes are used to store food items at a supermarket. 

Bright Colours To Grab The Attention

When it comes to colour, the rules are simple: use bright and contrasting colours. The brighter the better, but don't go overboard with your choices (unless they're relevant to your brand). It's best to have only one main colour that stands out on the shelf, while other colours should be used sparingly as accents or accents within accent colours.

The same goes for fonts—if you use too many different ones, people will get tired of looking at them quickly. You want them excited about what's inside before anything else!

Easy to Carry and Lightweight

  • Use a lightweight material. The tray box is one of the most important parts of any display design, and it's important to choose the right material for this purpose. A lightweight tray box will make moving your product easier and more efficient, especially if you need to move it from one store location to another or store in different areas of your warehouse or showroom.

  • Choose something easy to carry around with you when using it in different locations around town (like conventions). If customers can't see what they're buying because their eyes are glazed over by all those boxes stacked up on top of each other everywhere else at an event like this then why would anyone want anything else? That's why I prefer using something like these wooden trays instead because they're lightweight enough so that I won't have any problems lifting them up myself without hurting myself too much with each movement made while carrying them around during our travels through town together."

Flexible and Eco-Friendly

Flexible and eco-friendly

Flexibility is one of the most important features for any packaging design. This can help you with storage, shipping, and display. With this in mind, it’s important to think about how your box will fit into each situation you encounter when using it for your product or service. For example: if you have a small business that only sells online then maybe a single layer cardboard tray would be appropriate; however if you have multiple locations across town then two layers might not be enough space left over after packing everything correctly inside the box itself (this could lead to more waste). On top of this issue there may also be concerns about weight so use lightweight materials like corrugated cardboard sheeting instead – saving both cost per unit sold as well as reducing carbon footprint by reducing transportation costs associated with heavy items being shipped across oceans via cargo ships etcetera...

Sturdy And Durable

When you are designing four corner trays, it is important that your customers can rely on them. A sturdy and durable box will ensure that your goods are transported safely and securely. To make sure that your boxes are strong enough to hold their weight, you should use high quality paperboard with a strong adhesive backing. You should also use a strong glue or tape over the edges of each side panel so they won't break during transport or when being handled by customers.

Additionally, labels should be placed on each door panel so people know what's inside without having to open them up first (if they decide not want anything else).

Use these tips to design custom four corner tray boxes that can affect your business sales

  • Use bright colors. If your business is a colorful one, then using bright colors in the design of your tray boxes will be a good idea. You can also use shades that are more subtle, but still noticeable. For example: yellow and green are both fairly neutral colors (they don’t scream “buy me!”), but they draw attention nonetheless because of their brightness and vibrancy. If you want to go even further with this idea, try adding some fun patterns on top of these two main colors as well!

  • Use easy-to-carry trays – This tip might sound obvious at first glance, but it's not always so straightforward when designing custom packaging boxes for your customers' needs! The best way around this problem would be by having multiple different sizes available (smaller ones may fit better into smaller spaces). This way everyone has something they can use regardless of what size office space they work at or where their home office is located."

I hope these tips have been helpful to you and that you will be able to use them to design the best four corner tray boxes that can affect your sales. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below if it worked!