Sou Shen Ji _ Wild Fox under the Tree _ txt Novel Paradise

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Han Shuo, in order not to attract the attention of others to Sophie, did not speak to her,aluminum tile trim, sitting lazily on the seat squinting eyes, looking carefree and happy. One hundred ten thousand gold coins. One hundred and ten thousand gold coins on the ninth! Suddenly, the host

The cold and salty sea water hit Chiyou in the face in an instant, but it could not extinguish the raging hatred. The sea water slowly opened at the root of the tongue, indescribably salty and astringent. In the hazy waves, I saw the dove's claws trembling on Yan Zisu's white shoulders and touching the lofty snow hills. I felt bitter, angry and indignant. I wished I could eat his flesh and drink his blood. Under the rage, the whole body trembled violently. Suddenly, with a loud shout, I don't know where the power came from, but it jumped out of the mudflat! "Ah!" Yan Zisu gave a cry of surprise, and Jiu Hu was taken aback and stopped to be alert. Chi You was so angry and ecstatic that he said to himself, "Is it possible that I have recovered from my wound?" As soon as I arrived, I felt a sharp pain in my body. I fainted and stumbled and fell to the ground. Jiu Hu breathed a sigh of relief and said with a cold smile, "Boy, don't you think you're too far away to see clearly?"? I'll let you see. Black paws suddenly grasped the round snow hill, Yan Zisu trembled slightly, let out a murmur, and the color of shame and anger flashed across his face. Chiyou roared and propped himself up and rushed toward Jiu Hu. The side waves rolled up, and with a crash, he was thrown to the ground. Jiu Hu laughed lewdly and wantonly rubbed the snow hill of Yan Zisu. He squinted at Chi You and said, "Lord Yan, isn't this boy your prisoner?"? "How can I see that you are intimate with me and do not want your life?" Yan Zisu bit his lip and gazed at Chiyou tenderly, with mixed feelings of sadness and joy. The sound of the waves is sad, and the waves are angry. Chiyou clenched his teeth and stared at Jiu Hu with fire-breathing eyes. Without saying a word,aluminium tile trim profiles, he slowly got up. His eyes were full of wild hatred and murderous look, which made people shudder. Jiu Hu knew that he was like a useless man at the moment, but he still couldn't help feeling a cold fear to the bone. Fear turned into shame and anger in an instant. Jie laughed and said, "Boy, lie down and watch." Right hand in the air split, black light break dance, when the head hit Chiyou forehead, Chiyou stuffy hum, blood flow,stainless steel tile trim, body slightly shaking, fell to the ground again. The waves suddenly rolled over and quickly opened the scarlet color. Yan Zisu was frightened, his pretty face was pale, and he shouted repeatedly, and Chiyou was unconscious. Jiu Hu was full of jealousy and said with a sneer, "Lord Yan is very concerned about this boy.." Yan Zisu turned his head and gazed coldly at Jiu Hu. "Jiu Zhenren," he said with an indifferent smile, "I told you!"! If he's missing a hair, don't blame me for being rude. Jiu Hu was suddenly furious. With a heavy slap in the face, he knocked Yan Zisu to the ground and shouted, "Bitch!"! I've put up with you long enough! Do you think you are great? With the support of the true God, no one cares? Damn it, he colluded with the thieves, and dared to be so arrogant. I'd like to see how you look today! Yan Zisu's cheeks flushed and her chest rose and fell sharply. "Let's wait and see," she said with a giggle. "Are you trying to frighten me?" Said Jiu Hu with a ferocious smile? I will rape you first and then kill you! Hey hey, anyway have this smelly boy to be the scapegoat. Pulling her arm, stainless steel tile edging ,tile trim manufacturers, she quickly dragged her along the cement beach and stopped a few feet in front of Chiyou. She kicked Chiyou in the stomach and shouted, "Damn it, get up!" Chiyou suddenly trembled and slowly opened his eyes. Jiu Hu suddenly grabbed him by the hair and lifted him abruptly. Pointing at Yan Zisu, he grinned grimly and said, "Don't you like this bitch?"? Take a good look at how I play with your woman! He threw his head on the mudflat and kicked him fiercely. Chiyou arched up and grinned with pain. Tears could not help coming out. His anger was boiling in his heart. Jiu Hu gasped and stared at Yan Zisu. "Bitch," he said with a grim smile, "I'll see what I can do to you!" He leaned over and pointed at her neck and bit her lips. Chiyou roared with grief and anger, suddenly felt a sweet in his throat, hundreds of purple and black blood clots burst out, his body suddenly felt empty, and the pain disappeared. In an instant, the Ren and Du Meridians seemed to run through, and then the Yin and Yang Meridians were suddenly unblocked. At that time, Jiu Hu was about to touch the lips of Man Perilla Flower. Yan Perilla suddenly smiled, and his eyes flashed with resentment, joy, and anger. Jiu Hu was startled, and as far as she could see, she suddenly saw a strange green insect flying out of her two petals of flower lips like lightning, and suddenly disappeared into her mouth! Horrified, Jiu Hu suddenly felt a pain in his throat, as if he had been cut by a knife and a sword, and his vocal cords were broken in an instant. Then a fierce fire roared down and went straight to his intestines and abdomen. Yan Zisu smiled like a silver bell and said, "How does this'beauty tongue 'taste?" Jiu Hu was so angry that he hissed and clapped his hands on her smile like a spring flower. Suddenly Chiyou gave a loud roar and jumped up like lightning. His left hand, like a steel clamp and an iron claw, suddenly pointed at Jiu Hu's neck and lifted him abruptly. His right fingers were flying like meteors, and they were inserted into Jiu Hu's eyes with lightning speed. Poof! Bloody arrows fly. Jiu Hu hissed and screamed, his palms thundered, and the black light burst into dance, hitting Chiyou in the chest and abdomen. Chiyou snorted, spurting blood rain and flying into the sky, but laughed in his mouth: "His grandmother's laver fish skin, so happy!" He pinched his hands and crushed the two eyeballs between his fingers. Jiu Hu's eyes were black and quiet, his face was covered with blood, his paws were scratching, and he was crying like a wolf. Suddenly, he pulled out his machete with his backhand and flew toward Chiyou in midair! Yan Zisu exclaimed, hurriedly and silently. Jiu Hu screamed and immediately fell to the sky. But the scimitar was flying out of his hand, dancing angrily through the air, and shining with a silver wheel glare in the moonlight. The knife was like wind and thunder. With a sound of "sniff", it struck Chiyou on the forehead, penetrating the bone and shaking unceasingly. Blood spattered, Chiyou's eyes were red, and his head seemed to burst open. With a loud roar, he struggled to pull out the machete and tried to throw it at the dove, but the smooth meridians in his body suddenly broke, and the True Qi disappeared in an instant, and he fell heavily in the spray. The blood gurgled and dyed the tide red. Surrounded by the cold sea water, Chiyou was dying of pain. In the chaos, he heard Yan Zisu screaming, "Idiot,stainless steel edge trim, bury your head in the mudflat!" At that moment, he tried his best to press his face tightly against the soft mud. The delicate and soft mudflat is as gentle as Yan Zisu's hand, and the sharp pain of the wound is immediately reduced.