The bejeweled wife of rebirth

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On the sign hanging at the door,heavy duty cantilever racks, it reads impressively: "Today's gold price is 291 yuan/gram.". Gold inlaid with jade is 20% off. Another wrote: "Today's gold price is 292 yuan/gram, with a 25% discount on jade and diamonds."

"That would be great, just in time for my clothes to be dry tomorrow, so that I don't have to go home in my pajamas and be nagged by the old man and the woman again." Liu Li was overjoyed. "I'll be in charge of buying breakfast tomorrow, so that's the decision." He lay down on the sofa as if he could sleepwalk on the Duke of Zhou. Yan Wan stared at him in a daze, and when she looked at Yan Yixin, her lips were full of wry smiles. Mother's room has been cleaned out, originally prepared for Yan Yixin's unfortunate time to stay overnight. So, she just took a quilt from the cabinet to send Liu Li out, and everything was OK. The eighty-first chapter is the gem proof. It was not until Friday that Yan Yan met with three well-known assistants at the regular meeting of the design department. In her mind, designers naturally have long hair covering their necks and unruly faces. But at a glance, he realized that he was very wrong. She silently counted that there were about thirty assistants in the whole design department. Except for one or two people who occasionally have a little artistic flavor, the rest of the people are also very refreshing. Several of their assistants naturally sat in the back row, the meeting time was very short, and the host was not Liu Li. Hearing the end, Yan Wan realized that there seemed to be no less than three design directors, each of whom had used three or four assistants. When Liu Li took them back to his small conference room, Yan Yan took a targeted look at his colleagues. The occasional "artist" has his hair dyed brown and red and is shoulder-length. His facial features were very regular,wire mesh decking, and when he did not speak, he had a lazy smile. The other is a rare brush head, with a rigid face and a breath of "strangers are not allowed to approach". The girl who was born had angular facial features, delicate makeup and thin short hair, which added a bit of competence. I've been here for a week, and I should introduce you. Yan Yan, a freshman in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Normal University,industrial racking systems, followed Lao Pang to a training class. His talent was very good and he worked hard. She is on a half-day shift, but the workload will not be less than you, anyway, we do not pay attention to sitting on duty, when the time comes to talk about the design. When the three eyes looked at Yan Wan, they were still somewhat curious. The two men could not see whether they were friends or enemies, but the only woman was clearly hostile. "Yan Wan has seen what it means for the same sex to repel each other." The one with greasy hair is Zhang Qing, the one with coffin face is Wu Jiawei, and the one with the same surname as you is Shen Siwei. Liu Li's introduction made Yan Wan laugh. But listening to him mention in turn that the three people were all born in the class, I felt a little uncertain. The former assistant was also from the art department of a famous university. She was an intern who was separated from each other. She really had no capital to compete with them. Next week, everyone will hand in at least three designs, no matter what kind of jewelry, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, if the set is better. "Yan Wan, you want three, too." Yan Wan hurriedly nodded yes, although there is no bottom in the heart now, but according to the amount of work, or can do. Hey, beauty, how come a Chinese department also comes to be a design assistant? After the meeting, Zhang Qing became the first visitor to Yan Wan's office besides Liu Li. When I took the college entrance examination, I didn't understand jewelry at all. After standing at the counter for half a year, I became interested in jewelry design. Yan Wan lightly passed his cross-industry thoughts by, "Please give me more advice in the future. I am really a layman." "That's a mistake." Zhang Qing grinned and said, "You are not a man, and you are not a layman.". However, any assistant that Director Liu can accept will not be a bag of straw. In any case, the basic skills of designers are important, but talent plays a more decisive role. Director Liu likes it. He must have two brushes. You don't have to belittle yourself. Yan Wan felt a little guilty. Her assistant came in through the back door. Had it not been for the relationship between Yan Yixin and Liu Li, she would not have believed that Liu Li would want such an assistant! I can't compare with you.. Just relying on the sketch foundation of childhood. And a love of jewelry to get into this business. "Don't be modest. Director Liu's eyes are higher than the top, and he won't accept people casually.". I recently went to work and saw the door of your office open every day. I worked very hard. "I can only come for half a day, so of course I have to work hard." Yan Wan said shyly. The designer industry is different from others. There is no need to punch in. Sometimes the train of thought is stuck. As long as you ask for leave with Director Liu and sign in the personnel department, you can go shopping or something. As long as the weekly design drawings can be taken out, Director Liu will not care. Yan Wan has always been well-behaved, and such a way of going to work is really rare. I don't have any ideas. I can go shopping after work. I'd better read more reference books recently. Yan Wan smiled sheepishly. Although there are only three design drawings a week, Director Liu's requirements are very strict. Zhang Qing couldn't help kindly reminding him, "Even if you can draw thirty pictures, maybe he can't pick out three." "Huh?" Yan Wan was taken aback. "I thought.." "Is it easy to hear this task?"? If you can get into the eyes of the director, then you can pass the test! After seeing Zhang Qing off, Yan Wan couldn't help worrying. By the sound of it, this is no ordinary task! So, for the first time, Yan Wan did not follow the route of two points and one line, but turned to the pedestrian street, walking slowly along the central axis, looking at the lights in the windows on both sides, but aimlessly. She raised her eyebrows, and there were six jewelry stores less than a kilometer away from the pedestrian street! Could it be that the lives of ordinary people have become so rich now? The location of the jewelry stores is very good, almost evenly spread out in the pedestrian street, and two of them are even closely connected. The facades are beautifully decorated, one with bright red as the main color and the other with gold as the background color, which looks magnificent. On the sign hanging at the door,heavy duty cantilever racks, it reads impressively: "Today's gold price is 291 yuan/gram.". Gold inlaid with jade is 20% off. Another wrote: "Today's gold price is 292 yuan/gram, with a 25% discount on jade and diamonds." At first glance, Yan Wan thought the two jewelers were fighting!.