After the rebirth, the scum attack all spoils me.

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On the sign hanging at the door,heavy duty cantilever racks, it reads impressively: "Today's gold price is 291 yuan/gram.". Gold inlaid with jade is 20% off. Another wrote: "Today's gold price is 292 yuan/gram, with a 25% discount on jade and diamonds."

"It's because I care about face that I have to take part in it." Jiang Yingzhe angrily punched on the tea table. "Otherwise, if I say it out, my son Jiang will be a coward first. Will I still be a coward in the future?" Jin Yao sighed: "But you are really a coward!" Jiang Yingzhe exclaimed, "I'm not a coward. I'm just not reconciled, okay?" Jin Yao put her elbow on the armrest of the sofa and rubbed her long fingers gently on her chin. She hesitated for a moment: "Since Huang Xitang is good at gambling and has a good reputation, I don't think she will bully you technically and get a bad name in vain. I guess she will probably arrange a relatively fair project with the majority of luck.." Jiang Yingzhe looked at his analysis and looked at him expectantly. Jin Yao snapped his fingers and pointed firmly at Jiang Yingzhe, "So you go yourself!" Jin Yao about gambling that night. The prophecy of the game is all right at the beginning. As expected, Huang Xitang arranged a game with the least technical content. He chose the size from a pile of cards. The playing cards were specially made, thin and sharp pieces of steel shining with cold light. The machine shuffled the cards, and the contestants randomly ordered people to cut the cards among the guests. The entertainment was far greater than the game. But Jin Yao didn't guess the ending. Although Jiang Yingzhe was indeed possessed by the son of Qi Yun, it was Jin Yao who helped him win a great victory that night. The annual meeting of the Xijing Casino had a great momentum, and the King of Gambling was too pushy. The cruise ship sailed all the way out of the high seas, dancing and music,warehouse storage racks, music and music shook the sky. The thick night covered the whole ocean, and the lights jumped on the deep blue sea. This huge pearl in the ocean became the only conspicuous existence within a radius of hundreds of miles. Several small boats approached silently, and ghostly figures climbed up the rope hook. There was a flash of metal in the dark depths. If Jin Yao were outside at the moment, he would immediately distinguish that the unusual cold sharp edge came from a well-maintained shiny gun. Tube 。 When the gunfire rang out from the outside, all the people in the extravagant hall were confused for a moment. Jin Yao was the first to react. He pressed Jiang Yingzhe's head and hooked Han Shu beside him with his instep. The two men were pushed under the gambling table by him. Hide! He dropped two words in a hurry and disappeared. The shrill scream pierced the air of the closed hall like lightning,industrial racking systems, and the thick smoke of gunpowder hit the crowd like a rainstorm of bullets, and countless utensils were broken and exploded. Splash after crack The pungent and sticky blood poured into the nasal cavity like a tide, and more and more people got under the table. The sound of wailing and crying bombarded people's eardrums. No one expected this luxury ship. The bustling cruise ship turned out to be a shuttle bus to Hades. 。 Jiang Yingzhe and Han Shu anxiously searched the grief-stricken faces shrouded by death, but they did not find Jin Yao. Han Shu was in great pain, because he saw Jiang Yingzhe's forearm was gurgling with blood, and he was bleeding. The bullet hit 。 Jiang Yingzhe shook his head slightly to stop Han Shu from shouting at the exit. The pirates stopped the demonstration shooting, the guests were driven out from every corner, Jiang Yingzhe and Han Shu held their heads and squatted in the crowd, with the same desperate and sad faces, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,heavy duty metal racks, and the whole hall was full of suppressed sobs. The thief walked leisurely among the people who had great wealth in society, enjoying their shivering appearance like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. Jiang Yingzhe gradually understood the purpose of this group of people, they are both robbery and tie up. Rack One of the pirates dragged out a table, simply cleared it of its contents, and began to register the guests. It was at this moment that the world fell into chaos, and the pirate leader shouted angrily, "What's going on?" He only had time to shout these four words. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. There are lightning dragons shuttling in the enclosed space, and most people only see silver flashes in the dark twilight, and pirates are stuffy. Humming down Looks like a ghost has them by the throat. It was not until the lights were turned on again that people saw the pirates, who had been so violent and ferocious a few minutes ago, lose their breath in the same strange posture, cover their blood-spattered necks, stare like pebbles in a decorative fish tank inlaid on the wall of a ship, and freeze an expression of extreme horror and disbelief on their faces. The pirates did not understand the violence that killed them in a flash of lightning. What on earth is the device? 。 It was a special playing card placed on the gambling table in the middle of the living room. The ground was full of smoke, and the guests were still in fear. Everyone knew that the young man beside Mr. Jiang had saved the whole cruise ship, but they were so hurt and frightened that only the owner of the cruise ship, the King of Gambling, hobbled to thank him again and again with the help of his daughter. Jiang Yingzhe was so excited that he gave Jin Yao a suffocating hug: "Jin Yao, you are our Zorro and our Superman!"! I love you so much! The wound on his arm was pulled, and he was "hissing" with cold air. The doctor on the cruise ship is dead. You can bear it any longer. We'll go to the hospital when we get to the shore. Han Shu's eyes were red, and he held Jiang Yingzhe's hand in such a way that he wished it were himself. What kind of doctor do you want? "Jin Yao rolled up Jiang Yingzhe's sleeve to check and took down the army from his waist.". Knife "Its not a vital place. I will get it out for you.". Jiang Yingzhe's face was white, and what was worse than the pain was that he was frightened: "What are you going to do?"? You're not gonna use a knife. Give me the handle. Dig it out. ? Me, me, me.. I'd better go to the hospital to get an anesthetic. Jin Yao gave Jiang Yingzhe a critical glance: "Son..". The longer you leave it, the more you bleed. What are big men afraid of! Don't move, this.. Slip Shallow You can take it out without a knife. He grabbed Jiang Yingzhe's arm and exerted force. Jiang Yingzhe cried out. He watched helplessly as the copper-headed thing came out of his veins. He almost fainted. He pulled his arm violently. Jin Yao's fingertips, which had just been stretched out, were empty. He had to bend over and suck slightly. The bullet was in his mouth. 。“ "Bang,drive in racking system," spit out the son. The bullet fell to the ground with a bang It seemed that Jiang Yingzhe's heart, which was suddenly in his throat, was thrown high again.