The story of the charming lion

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On the sign hanging at the door,heavy duty cantilever racks, it reads impressively: "Today's gold price is 291 yuan/gram.". Gold inlaid with jade is 20% off. Another wrote: "Today's gold price is 292 yuan/gram, with a 25% discount on jade and diamonds."

"Thank you for your concern. Father has always been very good. When it comes to the hot weather, it's getting cooler and cooler when you go out of the city to the west. The wind is also refreshing. Who in the capital doesn't know that Changlu Mountain Garden is the most suitable place to cool off.." "The princess is funny." Pang Qi pouted his mouth and looked at them with a calm face. Wu Peng looked at her all the time. Viceroy Lin did not look, listen, or speak, as if he were not the person on the table. yuan Yao smiled and waved her hand, and the maid behind her came forward with a carved lacquer box. I've heard that Guogongye has been looking for Shi Jiong's Record of a Tired Guest. Here is a complete set of three copies. There are not only Shi Jiong's private seal, but also the seal of his study No. Fuyutang. yuan Yao can't tell whether it's true or not. Guogongye might as well come to identify it. If it's authentic, it will be a birthday gift! Lu Yang's eyes seem to have a little interest, he has been looking for this set of books for several years. Pang Qi squeezed the meat on his nose and looked at Lu Yang with an unhappy face. "How can she even know this?"? Did you tell her? Or is she too thoughtful? The maid put the box respectfully on the table, because yuan Yao was the last to come, and did not know in advance that she would come, Hua Sheng had to guide her to sit next to Wu Peng, and Pang Qi separated by two seats. Pang Qi immediately moved his chair to Tang Ying's side for fear of avoiding it. yuan Yao sat down, three tender fingers propped up his chin and watched, Lu Yang slowly turning over the book, as if the sky would continue to fall. Pang Qi turned to Hua Sheng and said, "I'm hungry!"! Can you serve it quickly? How can you force people to read before eating? I don't know which house has strange rules. Those rare ancient books have been touched by many people for decades and hundreds of years, and they are dirty and dead! yuan Yao looked at her and sneered, "Doesn't Pang Qi know that books are fragrant?"? Don't you ever read medical books? Are all the skills brought out of the womb? Pang Qi snorted and said, "Reading is for different occasions. I've never seen it at the dinner table." yuan Yao ignored her and asked Lu Yang in a soft voice,mobile racking systems, "Excuse me, is it an authentic work?" Verse 196 The White Elephant Not Found Lu Yang turned over the pages slowly and said, "The first and third books are both, but the second one is doubtful.." Surprised, yuan Yao blushed and said, "How did you see that?"? Dissatisfied with what you said, yuan Yao specially looked for Lord Lin of the Imperial College and Xu Ge Lao to see it. Before she came,Teardrop Pallet Racking, she was very sure of the authenticity of the book. After all, Lin Huai and Xu Zongqiu are very authoritative in the study of ancient rare books, but they did not expect to be better than Lu Yang. They were both unwilling and admired him more. The main problem is the paper. Lu Yang's slender fingers, as even as bamboo joints, twirled the paper and sniffed it with his head down. Half of the paper in this book is made of new paper. The old paper is thin and brittle, and there is not so much fluff between the fibers. A gentle blow with your mouth should make the sound quieter. "Still have this glyph, the line of copy is not bad, but the charm is still slightly not smooth enough, all the hooks are the same, but the original has a slight change!" yuan Yao walked up to him and twisted the paper like he did. She felt that what he said should be true. Her eyes were shining and she said softly, "After hearing what you said, yuan Yao has learned a lot of things.." In that case, please take two copies first, and Rong yuanyao will go to find another one! "No, shuttle rack system ,push back racking system," said Lu Yang lightly. "I found it half a month ago." One side of the boy brought the basin over, Lu Yang stood up to wash his hands, Tang Ying found two girls are looking at the basin, strange, what is there to see wash your hands? Wait a minute. It looks good. That pair of perfect hands in the water posture concise swim, three women can not move their eyes, Tang Ying never pay attention to the man's hands, about before is not seen good, now see Lu Yang. yuan Yao asked again, "Since Guogong said these two books are authentic, isn't the one you got a fake?" Lu Yang took the snow-white veil and wiped off the water. He sat back and said, "This set of books has no so-called authentic works for a long time. Wen Shuhua, a disciple of Shi Jiong, copied five copies of this book, but destroyed all the original manuscripts."! Two of the five sets of books were lost, and three were left behind. It happened that I got a set half a month ago. Therefore, thank the princess for her kindness, but you can't be too greedy. Please take these two books back to the princess. "Why did he burn the manuscript?" Pang Qi asked. Wen Shuhua was eccentric, and his master was very critical of him when he was alive, so after Shi Jiong died, Wen Shuhua felt that his calligraphy attainments surpassed him, and there was no need for the original manuscript to exist, so he burned it.. "Then didn't he write exactly the same, and didn't he create a new font?" Tang Ying couldn't help interjecting. Lu Yang turned his eyes to her. "Yes, he didn't wake up until he was dying. He lived under the influence of his master all his life. Unfortunately, it was too late." Not crazy can not work, but not crazy can work, but he left three editions of the book, there is an edition almost completely retained the original appearance of Jiong, can also be regarded as authentic! The table was silent for a moment, and only Viceroy Lin was drinking wine and eating cold dishes alone. He was not interested in these things, but Lu Yang could barely listen to them. At most, he didn't remember them in his mind. yuan Yao's eyes were dim and she gritted her teeth. She looks as beautiful as Pang Qi, and there is a small mole in her right eye socket, which is very nifty. The hot dishes are beginning to be served. Lu Yang still only eats vegetarian and light food, and Pang Qi only eats meat and heavy food as usual. Tang Ying found a thing that surprised her, there was a stack of dry cut stewed beef in front of her! No one else has! Moreover, the boy who served the food actually put a plate of steaming pancakes at her hand. Even so, Lu Yang said to her as if no one was watching, "Here comes the cake. Put the beef in it and eat it." Tang Ying was stunned for a while before picking up a thousand layer cake, the middle has been cut open, very soft! About a little absent-minded, one did not hold steady and almost fell down, Lu looked up and quickly held her wrist, and smiled to straighten the cake. Be careful to drop it. yuan Yao and Pang Qi's eyes were fixed on her face at the same time,warehouse pallet racks, both of which were complicated and unclear. Pang Qi raised his chin and asked, "What is that?"? Shaobing and beef? What is this strange way to eat? Only the driver of the cart eats like this, right? 。