Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-Wang Dulu _ txt Novel Paradise

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On the sign hanging at the door,heavy duty cantilever racks, it reads impressively: "Today's gold price is 291 yuan/gram.". Gold inlaid with jade is 20% off. Another wrote: "Today's gold price is 292 yuan/gram, with a 25% discount on jade and diamonds."

With such dexterous waists and legs and skillful martial arts, can they perform without stealing? There is no such crazy person in the world. 。 Maybe the guy who kicked me out of the room last night was the one who played with the meteor, and the sword of cutting bronze and iron must be in their hands. They practice tricks in front of the door of the jade house, must be to explore the way, but also to prepare to steal in the jade house! He threw down the money for wine and food He squeezed into the field again. I saw the daughter standing on the soft rope and jumping, dancing a meteor, better than her father. None of the people next to him was not surprised or crazy. Liu Tai-pao looked at it for a while, threw away all the money in his hand, then squeezed out again and hid to one side to wait. It was not until it was late that the father and daughter closed the stage and the audience dispersed. The father and daughter took their busking guy and left, followed by Liu Tai-pao. The father and daughter were going west, and the sunset glow was reflecting the woman's red clothes and trousers and the red flowers on her head. Both father and daughter seemed to be very tired and walked very slowly, and Liu Tai-pao followed slowly twenty paces behind. It was Gulou West Street, and when he passed the door of the Jade House, the busker took another look at the slope. Liu Tai-pao kept sneering in the back. Go straight to the west, cross the Desheng Bridge, and then to the west, there is a severe winter scenery in front of us. I saw a vast lake of seven or eight hectares, and the water of the lake was frozen. There were dozens of ancient willows by the lake, but none of them could be seen at this time, only the askew branches trembling in the cold wind. In the middle of the lake by the west, there is a mountain made of riprap, just like an island. It was covered with trees and red walls, and there was a temple inside. The lake is surrounded by houses. Some are buildings with carved beams and painted pillars, which seem to be villas of wealthy families, while others are mud houses with open doors, which are extremely poor families. The land was empty and sparsely populated,warehousing storage solutions, it was already late, and the wind blowing from the other side of the wall was particularly cold. The evening crows are making noises on the dead branches. Liu Tai-pao had been here in the summer, and he knew that it was a place of interest in Beijing. The Mohist people called it "Jingye Lake," and the common name was "Jishuitan.". At this time, the busker was walking north along the east bank, followed by his daughter, followed by Liu Tai-pao. The busker in front did not notice, but the daughter walked to the side of a withered willow tree, suddenly turned her slender waist, turned her head, stared at Liu Tai-pao with her two bright little eyes, and smiled. She put the Gong and the rope in one hand, and with the other hand she swept up the white silk towel hanging from her waist and played with it. Then she smiled at Liu Tai-pao and winked at him. Then she turned and ran a few steps to keep up with her father. Liu Tai-pao-hsin said, cantilever racking system ,mobile racking systems, Ah! This is flirting with me. ? Ladies, don't play this trick with Uncle Liu. Uncle Liu is an iron arhat, and he will not be confused by you, a fox spirit! A little further on, there was a dilapidated house on the north side of the road. The roof was made of straw and plaster, the courtyard wall was made of broken bricks, and the street door was only made of thorns. This family must be very poor. By this time the busker had already pushed the door and gone in. When the daughter was about to go in, she looked back and smiled at Liu Tai-pao. She played with her sweat towel frivolously and then went in. Liu Tai-pao smiled at his daughter and said to himself, Little sister! I'll wait for you here. Send out the sword quickly! The father and daughter had gone home, but Liu Tai-pao was still strolling by the lake. The red clouds in the sky have fallen one after another, and all around are gradually blackening. The strength of the cups of wine that Liu Tai-pao had just drunk had all dissipated. He felt very cold, so he jumped on the ice, intending to skate a few times, and then go to Desheng Bridge to find a small shop to drink a few cups of wine, and then think of ideas. He didn't want to slip twice, but he fell on the ice with a snap. At this time, I heard a woman giggling on the shore. Liu Tai-pao rose to his feet and jumped to the shore. Looking more closely, he saw that the woman who was laughing was the woman who was performing. Liu Tai-pao grabbed her and said: Little sister, are you still laughing at me? How much did I give you today? ? If it wasn't for me. When the people of the prefect's office catch up with you, they will at least whip you on your tender flesh! The woman smiled and said: Don't pull me! Be careful to break the bowl. !” Liu Tai-pao looked down and saw a thick bowl in the woman's hand. He asked: "What are you going to buy?" The woman said with a smile. I went to the bridge to make soy sauce and came back to cook dinner. After dinner, my father will go to the teahouse to listen to storytelling. At that time, you can go to find me. Liu Taibao said with a smile: "Really?" The woman said. What have I done to you? As soon as I saw you today, . I knew you were an official, rich and fond of doing good deeds. Liu Tai-pao let go, patted the woman on the shoulder, and said with a smile: "You flatter me!"! Buy Soy Sauce and go back to cook quickly. Tell your father to listen to the book. I'll come to you before eight o'clock. Let's clap our hands. The woman nodded with a smile and said, "All right!"! You go home and eat some forage first. And with that she ran south along the shore of the lake, giggling over her shoulder as she ran. Liu Tai-pao could not help feeling a little strange in his heart, as if his soul had disappeared. After standing here for a long time in the cold wind, he suddenly saw another dark shadow coming from the south. Look, it was the woman who had bought soy sauce. Liu Tai-pao said with a smile: "Young sister you do not go first, I want to ask you a word, what is your surname?" Say he stretches out a hand to grab. But the woman went to one side to hide, like a warbler through a willow, and ran away with a whoosh. Liu Tai-pao hurried to run after her. The woman giggled and ran so fast that she entered the Jingmen Gate in an instant and ran home. Liu Tai-pao ran to the door and looked through the broken wall. He saw a bright light in the east room of the courtyard, but he could not hear a voice. He smiled and turned away. Liu Tai-pao hummed a double reed and waddled to the Desheng Bridge. Touching his coat and two bank notes, he went into a tavern and asked for a pot of Baigan to kill time. In his heart, he could not forget the woman's figure, her bright eyes, her charming smile, her dexterous waist and legs, and her skillful martial arts,asrs warehouse, which reminded him of the sword that cut copper and iron. He thought proudly, "It seems that I will be able to succeed this time. Not only will I be able to recover my sword, but I will also have good luck in love.".