Jianghu Fengyun Record

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Hua Xinfeng alone, one man and one sword, defeated Ji Wen,

Hua Xinfeng alone, one man and one sword, defeated Ji Wen, Ximen Rou and Shu Zhong. After three or four rounds of fighting, he suddenly shook the sword in his hand, shaking the internal force of the Dantian, flashing all over his body, shaking a few sword flowers, forcing Shu Zhong to jump to the left. Taking advantage of this gap, the flower trade wind jumped out of the circle with an arrow and ran to the rear hall. With Shu Zhong's martial arts, even if the other three people fight together, they are not opponents, but because he is not fighting with people but playing. That's why he ran away. As soon as Shu Zhong saw the flower trade wind running toward the rear hall, he laughed and said, "Smelly cow nose, you haven't had enough fun yet. How can you run away? That's no good!" He shouted, and the man ran after him. Hua Xinfeng ran to the front of the Kunwu Hall, shook his shoulder, and turned the gourd behind him to his hand. As soon as Wang Renying saw it, he shouted in surprise, "Elder brother, the thief said he was going to put the sand on the green reef. Be careful. You can't play with it." When his voice came, the flower trade wind swung back the gourd in his hand and hissed a few times. A bunch of green sparks, like thousands of fireflies, flew out and hit Shu Zhong and others. When Shu Zhong heard this, his figure was square. When he saw the green phosphorus fire, he knew it was a vicious hidden weapon. He couldn't help getting angry and scolded, "a worthless thing!" Ximen Rou, however, did not care at all. She first carried the True Qi to protect her body, followed by a flash of cold light. Her body and sword merged into a white sword rainbow,large artificial blossom trees, which passed through the green poisonous sand. The white light flashed in front of the flower trade wind, and with a wave of the sword, like a string of silver snakes, it fell toward the head of the real flower trade wind. Bimu real person can't imagine this little girl's kung fu, unexpectedly to the state of the combination of sword and gas, Bimu phosphorus sand unexpectedly hurt her, can't help but be frightened. As soon as he saw the sword, he hurriedly went up the gourd grid in his hand. There was a bang, the sword flashed, the gourd was split in half, and the arsenopyrite was flying. Regardless of these,artificial grass panels, Ximen Rou used a long sword to explore the claws of the black dragon. The sword, like a rainbow, cut the neck of the flower trade wind. As a result, he was so frightened that the three souls of the flower trade wind came out. He hurriedly flashed his short body, only to feel that where the sword flashed, the top of his head was slightly cool, and the bun on his head was cut off by the sword. The flower trade wind hurriedly bowed and jumped into the Kunwu Hall and got into the corridor. Seeing this, Shu Zhong clapped his hands and laughed and said, "Daughter-in-law, are you going to become a monk for the Taoist priest?"? Fun, fun, ha ha. Ximen Rou turned to stare and shouted, "Brother Shu, what nonsense are you talking about?" Although Shu Zhong felt funny, he was not a fool. When he thought about it, he suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself in the face. Yes, I'm talking nonsense, it's time to fight! It's time to fight! As he spoke, the man followed the flower trade wind and went in. Who knows, Shu Zhonggang jumped into the south road, the mechanism has moved, silk cherry blossom tree ,fake ficus tree, with a loud noise, a crescent-shaped knife gate straight to the top of Shu Zhong's head. Originally, an ordinary knife gate is just a heavy iron plate, and the lower end of the iron plate is sharpened, so it is regarded as a knife gate. At the upper end of the knife gate, there was a loose iron rope hanging. As soon as someone stepped on the mechanism, the knife gate would fall from the top of his head. This kind of knife gate can only plot against those who are careless and reckless. If you meet a delicate character, as long as you flash lightly and avoid the knife edge, you can have no injury. The crescent gate in the Kunwu Hall, however, is unique. There are five crescent gates in a row, one every foot. As soon as it falls down, the two lines, which are more than ten feet long, are all under the edge of the knife gate. No matter how you move forward or backward, you have to be cut into several sections by it. However, Shu Zhong, dressed in black, was a precious garment given by his teacher, which could ward off poison, fire and water, and swords. Anything could hardly hurt him. In addition, he is naive and witty. As soon as Shu Zhong entered the corridor, he suddenly felt a boom on his head and saw the knife gate fall. He took a breath of Dantian True Qi, which covered his whole body. He laughed and said, "It's really funny, smelly cow nose. If you want to cultivate Taoism, you can't forget to play. Damn it!" In the sound of laughter, he changed his palm and held it up. With a bang, a chain of knife gates weighing six or seven hundred catties was held by his palpitation and could not fall down! Wang Renying's eyes were quick, and he saw that the key to the knife gate was on the main beam of the Kunwu Hall, on which there were three nasturtiums, which were turning back and forth. He pinched Xiao Lan in his hand and pointed to the beam. Seeing this, Xiao Lan pulled out his hands, put his feet on them, and a dragonfly touched the surface of the water. He pulled up five or six feet high, went under the main beam, and twisted the golden lotus. There was another rumbling sound, and the fallen knife gate slowly rose up and retracted back to its original position, without any sign at all. But Shu Zhong jumped to his feet and said, "Why did you shrink back? It's not funny." For Shu Zhong's shouting, everyone is used to it, the well is not strange, in addition to Li Fei is also slightly interested in him, all used to his shouting. Bimu Zhenren Flower Trade Wind took advantage of this flurry of time and ran away. Everyone entered the Kunwu section and looked around, only to see that the whole hall was empty and no one was seen. Wang Renying checked the number of his own, in addition to his husband and wife four people, that is, He Jun and Li Fei, there is a stir Shu Zhong, a total of seven people. And the other side in addition to the disciples, but there are Nanting Taoist Chi Zhen, Jiuhua Zhenren Luhan and Shuntian Taoist Kang Ping, wave Wu Liang and several other good players, although they are defeated generals, but each has its own expertise, but also can not be despised. Thinking about it, he smiled at He Jun and Li Fei and said, "Listen carefully. This is no joke." Li Fei rolled his eyes and said, "Second Brother, what are you playing or not?" Wang Renying said, "The Bishan Demon Palace can be called the edge of Xiongzhou. It relies on the evil birds pecking at corpses.." "Don't worry, second brother," said Li Fei with a smile. "We've killed all the evil birds pecking at corpses. What are you afraid of?" Wang Renying said with a smile, "The Flower Trade Wind still has a strange array deep underground, and the doors are stacked. Can it be so easy to deal with?" Li Fei said with a smile,outdoor palm trees, "Second Brother, you look down on me too much. My parents have taught me these Yin and Yang gossip long ago. It's not difficult for me." Wang Renying said with a smile, "I just advise you to be careful. Who dares to look down on my brother?" 。 hacartificialtree.com