Ravaged, you are also reborn.

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After Ye Ruqiao was sent away, Song Huaiyu held Ye Rurong ashore,

After Ye Ruqiao was sent away, Song Huaiyu held Ye Rurong ashore, and the women were busy pulling the wet Ye Rurong up. But by this time, when it was approaching Youshi, many dudes in the front courtyard had come to the Lotus Garden in groups, and all of a sudden they saw that Song Huaiyu had been trampled on his face by Ye Rurong, and he could not see it. He held his hand at random and held it directly on Ye Rurong's buttocks. He was stunned, but he had no time to take care of it, so he could only push her up forcefully. This buttocks of a palm, in the future there will be a lot of the presence of the childe in the drunken talk about it, of course, these are the last words. Ye Rurong did not pass out at this time, and naturally noticed the palm on her buttocks. Almost at the same time, she heard a man's laughter coming from nearby. She turned her head in a mess and saw that the eyes of the male guests were all looking at each other, and all of a sudden her eyes were shining. Although they had been stopped by the women and could not go any further, the appearance of her wet body was seen by them, especially the palm under the buttocks. At this moment, Ye Rurong only felt ashamed and indignant, wishing she could faint to death, but Song Huaiyu saved her in time, and she only choked a few mouthfuls of water, not to the point of fainting to death. After she was pulled ashore, her whole body was frozen stiff, and she could only shrink on the shore,fake blossom tree, unable to bear the flow of tears for a while. The women thought she was too frightened and quickly put a cloak on her. Ye Rusi looked at the back of Ye Rurong being carried away, her face was pale, she was not really stupid, things to now, she still can not see it? Seven younger sister fell down, red lotus is holding he big childe said "my girl fell down", is "my girl" ah, although seven younger sister is also "my girl", but she at that time this sentence,decorative palm trees, let her and four elder sister subconsciously believe that the person who fell into the water is five elder sister. Therefore, the red lotus is deliberately let he big childe thought that fell down is five elder sisters, let he big childe go down to save people! Moreover, if I hadn't been frightened by the cat just now, I'm afraid the fifth sister wouldn't have fallen down. Ye Rusi couldn't help but think about it again. When Fang first changed her clothes in the room, if it was He Da Childe who came, it would be her who made a concubine for He Da Childe. Fortunately, it was He Er Childe who came. At that time, He Er Childe chased the kitten into the room by mistake. He was more frightened than she. Both of them were at a loss. Thanks to Ziyi's timely arrival, he hid the two childe in the wardrobe. If the two of them, especially her, had been caught red-handed by the prime minister's wife in disheveled clothes, she could not have imagined. If her innocence is damaged, I'm afraid it will also affect the official career of He Er Childe. He Er Childe is a concubine, and becoming an official is probably his only way out. Making such a thing is tantamount to ruining his life! What the fourth sister said to her today is true! Ye Rusi was so frightened that she broke out in a cold sweat and her legs were trembling. Because Ye Ruqiao and Ye Rurong sisters fell into the water one after another, Ye Rumeng and Ye Rusi, outdoor ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, Ye Ruman had to accompany the two people back to the mansion first, the farce of the prime minister's mansion just came to an end. It was the time for He Mingzhu's ceremony, but He Erjun was in a mess and could only be absent. The prime minister's wife was out of her mind because her legitimate son fell into the water. Although the prime minister was still in charge of the overall situation, He Mingzhu's ceremony was not as perfect as he had imagined, and there were still a few mistakes. After the ceremony, the female guests and the male guests were talking and laughing in the Lotus Garden, and their mood was not affected by the incident of Ye Fu's girl falling into the water. In other words, after Song Huaiyu went into the water to save people, he also went to the wing to change his clothes. Although he sneezed a few times, he smiled from ear to ear. This time, he was able to embrace the beauty. Only He also completely fell out with He Erjun. Unexpectedly, Brother He was so mean that he stopped him from saving people. Who knows, he saved Miss Ye Wu by mistake. Haha, he was in such a good mood that he didn't even have time to drink the ginger soup, so he hurried to go home. He would go back and tell his parents about it, and tomorrow he would go to Ye Fu to propose marriage to Miss Ye Wu. Before leaving the mansion, Song Huaiyu suddenly remembered his younger sister, who seldom attended such banquets on weekdays, but was invited to come this time because of her friendship with He Mingyu. He hurriedly called the boy to find Song Huaixue, ready to take her back to the house. On this side, Song Huaixue was sitting bored in an inconspicuous pavilion near the lotus pond. Everyone had gathered in Meilin. Only a few frustrated people would come to the quiet lotus pond. In fact, it's not that she likes quiet, she's also lively, but. When she can't speak, she always gives people a sense of tranquility. Moreover, she also has some inferiority complex, she does not want to play sign language in public, exposing her hidden illness. When she first came, he Mingyu also accompanied her for a while, but later busy, also can not take care of her, she thought to come here to sit for a while, stay almost to say goodbye to he Mingyu. At this time Song Huaixue did not pay attention, not far away, there is already a pair of leering eyes staring at her. This man is the prime minister's wife sister's family a useless legitimate son, named Wu Shangliu. Wu Shangliu said that he was a classmate of the two Song Huaiyuan brothers, but he failed in the autumn exam this year. When he thought of the two brothers with detached literary talent, he could not help feeling jealous. Today, when he saw Song Huaiyu bringing his sister Song Huaixue, he suddenly became lustful. Unexpectedly, the three girls of the Song family are just like their names. Their skin is as white as snow. Although they are dumb, they are dumb, ha ha? He hasn't tried being dumb yet? I want to have a special taste. Although he looks young, he loves this kind of 12- or 13-year-old virgin best, which is so tight and fascinating! Thinking of this, Wu Shangliu felt that his second child was already burning in the fire. Go, "Wu Shangliu told the boy beside her," you send someone to distract the little maid beside her, and then send someone to guard outside, don't let anyone come this way. " Chapter 99 heroes save the United States. At this time, the Plum Garden was bustling everywhere. Yan Duoduo, dressed in red, shuttled through the crowd,silk olive tree, talking and laughing with his playboy from time to time. The young man had thick eyebrows and starry eyes, and his gestures were romantic, which attracted many young girls who had not left the cabinet to look at him secretly. hacartificialtree.com