Follow the desire to fly

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The golden glow in the sky gradually faded, which seemed

The golden glow in the sky gradually faded, which seemed to indicate that Taihe was about to leave the fairy world completely, but at that moment, there was a faint feeling of palpitation between heaven and earth, and in the eyes of the people, only to see the golden splendor of the sky suddenly paused, and then suddenly contracted, a breath that was much weaker than Taihe's mind was surging rapidly. The cloudless sky churned into a whirlwind. Then this faintly gathered and shaped mind unexpectedly went straight to the body of Taihe. Don't block it! Yang Ye suddenly gave a loud shout and let the golden light pour into the sea of knowledge of the empty body. His mind went into the body and his eyes opened. Originally, he had no expression and looked like a walking corpse. 'Taihe'suddenly showed an anxious look. He saw Yang Ye at a glance. Then he opened his mouth and said in a loud voice: "Be careful.." Unfortunately, unfortunately this is still too late, when everyone is paying close attention to the'too close ', I don't know where to suddenly split down a gold pillar with a diameter as wide as a hundred feet, and in an instant all the people, including the dark sky, are enveloped in it, the huge magic power is just right for all the people imprisoned in the gold pillar, the six senses are isolated, and I don't know what happened to my whole body. Even the loss of time has temporarily stopped. I don't know how long has passed, maybe a moment, maybe a hundred years, in a trance, the sound of the waves of the immortal sea sounded in my ears again. Almost at the same time, they opened their eyes and looked around, only to see the dark sky,interactive whiteboard prices, drunk breeze, ink sinking, night, Yang Huo, 'too close', the stars are still suspended in situ, everything seems to have no change, only... Only did not see Yang Ye. 。 Volume 11 Three Realms to the Secret Chapter 20 [victory without force] 10. They did not speak, the pillar of unmatched power of the golden light is still shining in my mind,information kiosk price, strong as the dark can not break away from the shackles of the golden light, ink sink, drunk breeze more frightened, recall the feeling of being enveloped by the golden pillar, only feel so small and helpless, usually proud of the strong horizontal repair seems to be weak and terrible under the golden light, what kind of power is this? I am afraid that only'God ', only the light of the divine world will have such a vast, as if there is no boundary of infinite power. Uh.. Where is the master? ?” Yang Huo's voice, as if from a sealed stove, completely broke the eerie silence. No one knew where Yang Ye had gone, and even the dark sky was at a loss. At this time, the culprit'Taihe'seemed to wake up and said angrily, "My father was led to the divine world by the old ghost of Taihe." ".." All the people were dumb when they heard this, and they all looked at'Taihe ', only to see that his young face was looking up at the sky, indignant and with a trace of chagrin, facial recognition thermometer ,outdoor digital signage displays, clenched teeth and slightly raised lips revealed a completely different stubbornness from that of Taihe God. Anyone who looked at it at a glance would notice that Taihe was completely different from before, although his appearance had not changed at all. But the breath, the tone, the expression and the manner are different. Who are you When Yang Ye disappeared, ink and wash were duty-bound to take over the responsibility of the leader. In the suspicious eyes of the crowd, Taihe Jian raised his eyebrows and said with unusual firmness, "I am Qin Yiyang." Next, in a question and answer and Qin Yiyang's description, everyone knew what had happened. Originally, after the fusion of Taihe and Qin Yiyang's mind, although the strong side has an absolute advantage, but because Qin Yiyang's spiritual brand has been integrated into the soul of life, it can not be erased, decades of independent personality, so that Qin Yiyang and Taihe are always incompatible. When Taihe was still in the secret court, he planned to capture Yang Ye to the divine world. After his mind was separated from the body, he used the spiritual brand as a guide to open the divine door by performing divine art in the body of the divine world. But Qin Yiyang took advantage of Taihe's scattered mind and shallow mind to forcibly separate and return to the physical body. He wanted to remind Yang Ye, but it was still too late. A pillar of divine light enveloped the earth, and Yang Ye could not resist the divine power of Taihe noumenon. In fact, Qin Yiyang also know is not detailed, too if it is successful Xiu Shen, borrow divine power can completely eradicate the people one by one, even if the star dolphin fleet here, it is difficult to resist the power of divine power. With the power of the divine mind as the guide, the divine mind will pass through the divine door and escape into the divine world by itself. There is no guiding thing in the lower world, and the divine door can only last for a short moment. Of course, this is enough to involve Yang Ye in the divine world. At the same time, Yang Ye Fen Shen, who was in Jiuzhongzhou to wipe out the six-armed magic fairy, suddenly could not sense the existence of the body, and the telepathy disappeared, as if the body had been destroyed, which startled the Fen Shen. After meeting with all the people in a hurry, he met Qin Yiyang and elaborated on the reason and speculated on the purpose of Taihe's action. The conclusion was that it was ominous. Think about it, this Yang night into the divine world, bump into those omniscient, omniscient gods, a sum of money to calculate the old and new accounts, plus the victim is too close to the gods, this can get good? Qin Yiyang and Qin Xiaowan are naturally sad and happy after meeting, although they are worried about the safety of Yang Ye, but the divine world is too high, think about the strength of the holy Buddha, they all know that it is difficult to match, thanks to the purple and gold armor Fen Shen, so Yang Ye Fen Shen is doing his duty to fulfill the body. First, the black sky and five thousand star dolphin shuttles were left behind to completely eradicate the remaining six-armed magic immortals on Jiuchong Island. Then, the immortal refining shuttle's brain was used to deliver divine instructions, ordering one hundred thousand immortals in the imperial palace to leave the cabin. Then, they walked away, leaving the hundred thousand immortals in the imperial palace at a loss on the tiny sea of immortals. It didn't take long for the news of the Battle of Jiuzhongzhou to spread all over the fairy world. The immortals in the imperial palace who participated in the whole battle, the immortals who fled Jiuzhongzhou after the fog barrier dissipated, and the six-armed magic immortals who fled everywhere also proved the cruelty of the Battle of Jiuchongzhou. For a time,temperature screening kiosk, all forces were shocked. After hearing that there were nearly one hundred thousand star dolphin shuttles in the Arctic Magic Island, Emperor Wuyue's ambition suddenly came to naught. He was restless all day and was on pins and needles. In his opinion, he must be the next one to deal with in the Demon World. Even hundreds of thousands of six-armed magic immortals were slaughtered. Where is the opponent of the Star Dolphin Fleet.