Magic Star

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The men he sent were all smugglers who had followed him for many years.

The men he sent were all smugglers who had followed him for many years. They were not only experienced in fighting, but also fierce and cruel. Although Lu Yi Nan drives the magic armor, he has not been able to dispel their dangerous thoughts. This group of people have no heavy weapons in their hands, so they can't deal with the magic armor. But in the hands of smugglers, the number of weapons is not inferior to the army, in terms of variety and style, much more abundant than the regular army. Deer Yi Nan's combat forces are distributed in the six military areas of the Virgin Goddess Shield, and there are also large parts on warships and Europa moons of Europa. He had planned to familiarize himself with the combat troops on the shield of the goddess today, and then gradually rectify them so that he could take care of his military affairs. Today's change, however, gave him the idea of trying his hand. After adjusting the power output of the Magic Armor, Lu Yinan flew to the nearest entrance and exit of the base. Leaving the shield of the goddess and looking up at the starry sky, Lu Yi Nan's heart was suddenly shocked. The famous Great Red Spot of Jupiter, just at this time because of Jupiter's rotation and facing Europa Europa, thought that it represented a storm with a speed of four or five hundred kilometers per hour, Lu Yi Nan could not help but move. This huge giant planet has not yet been completely conquered by human beings. As the least developed planet, Jupiter's situation is very chaotic. With the efforts of the government and major consortia,Slate Wall Panel, the four satellites have become indispensable homes for mankind. Europa and Ganymede are developing even faster because of their abundant water resources, and in recent years, they have tended to catch up with Mars and the moon. Of the planets in the solar system, Europa and Ganymede are the best candidates for development. Lu Yi Nan drives the Magic Armor to walk in space. In addition to Jupiter's original natural satellites, a large number of artificial stars also form the so-called small solar system of planetary systems, forming a spectacular scenery. In order to encourage development, many asteroids were sold to major consortia to encourage development. This policy has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it does speed up the development of Jupiter's system. The disadvantage is that there is no way to completely control Jupiter's smuggling and underground trade. The Jupiter system has long been known as the paradise of sin,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, including all the moons and Jupiter itself, which absorbs nearly 40% of the human population. More than half of them are engaged in illegal or marginal industries. At that time, the Star Law made it impossible for any country to occupy other planets or land on planets under any pretext, and also made huge loopholes in management. ※※※ Silk! An orange-red energy grazed the side of Lu Yi Nan's magic armor. Originally enjoying the magnificent beauty of Jupiter, Lu Yi Nan ignored several fighters who had been following him away from the shield of the virgin goddess. However, these guys actually unscrupulously preempted the attack on Lu Yi Nan. The Red Ghost has long wanted to master the navigation rights of Europa. He really doesn't have much oil and water on Jupiter. After all, Jupiter is a high-temperature liquid planet, and there are not many resources to develop. This time, the result of our discussion, to deal with Linsey, the commander of the fleet, of course, Granite Slab Supplier ,Silver Travertine Slabs, we must be careful. And Lu Yi Nan, who seemed to be Linxi's closest subordinate, became the breakthrough that everyone identified. They believed that it would be more convenient to get close to Linxi if they controlled the deer Yi Nan first. And the task of dealing with Lu Yi Nan was snatched by the Red Ghost. This time, he mobilized 28 of the most advanced contraband in his hands, the heavy destroyer, to besiege Lu Yinan. Fuck! Can't you see and fire again? It didn't hit at all. You fool! This time, the Red Ghost not only mobilized the elite in his hands, but also went into battle himself. Just now he ordered to destroy the magic armor of Lu Yi Nan, but the spiritual core of Lu Yi Nan had already found them, only slightly tilted 18 degrees, and evaded the energy cannon without any trace. Also let the gangster who opened fire be wronged and scolded. With the beginning, these smugglers, who did not know what politeness was, were no longer polite and fired all kinds of light and heavy weapons together, firing fiercely at Lu Yi Nan. If two years ago, when Lu Yi Nan was still in the 54th Group Army, he would not have been able to kill 28 heavy destroyers perfectly with a light combat soldier. But today is different, Lu Yi Nan not only drives the combat soldier's technology to a higher level, but also has rich combat experience, and the nerve reaction is a hundred times faster than ordinary people. Even in the face of a squadron of combat soldiers, he has no fear, the big deal is to use photon weapons, not to mention these are just a mob of smugglers. Lu Yi Nan's Demon Armor is tens of times smaller than the heavy Destroyer. The 45-meter-high Destroyer fights with the Demon Armor like a group of bears swatting flies. With a large number of people and sufficient weapons, the Red Ghost Command fired all kinds of ammunition crazily, and the orange-red energy shot everywhere. Lu Yi Nan's Magic Armor is small in size, so the power is naturally not too strong, and the simple speed is not as good as that of the God of Destruction. So at the beginning of the battle, Lu Yi Nan shortened the distance with the Red Ghost troops, relying on superb driving skills, flexible shuttle in the hail of bullets and energy beams. In close combat, the photon saber is the best choice, but apart from the top pilots who are very conceited about their abilities, few fighters dare to use close combat. Lu Yi Nan scanned a little and chose the first target. In close combat, these enemies will surely give up long-range shooting in order to avoid hitting their own people! Lu Yi Nan thought so. The smuggler who was locked by Lu Yi Nan, in Lu Yi Nan's view, was so poor that he was not as skilled as the ordinary soldiers of the regular army. Easy to shake the other side of the counterattack, Lu Yi Nan to close the distance to tens of meters of ultra-close distance, in this mode, the technology is not up to standard combat soldier pilot, at any time because of improper operation and two planes collide. By closing the distance with the target,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Lu Yi Nan temporarily got rid of being pursued by other destructive gods. In the moment of passing by, the photon saber accurately opened the back armor of destructive gods and fired at the thrusters of the other side. The ability of these smugglers to manipulate combat soldiers is too poor? How can you not even open the energy shield? Although do not know why the other side will be so retarded, Lu Yi Nan also did not think deeply about this question.