The ancestor of all demons

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But there seems to be a tacit understanding.

But there seems to be a tacit understanding. The black-robed men did not rush to the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. And Tiancan did not attack the three leaders. On the battlefield, Emperor Shitian and the three leaders faced each other in the distance. Even if our men are pinned down by your strong demon clan, you still can't escape the fate of falling. In the same realm, we are invincible in the world. The three leaders spoke hoarsely. After a pause, they suddenly said, "Zunshi once said that the fighting power of the demon emperor is invincible among the giants of all ages. However, we want to ask for some advice to see if you can really stop our magical power." In the hoarse voice, there is a strong sense of self-confidence and pride. Even if the demon emperor taro is said to be invincible among the giants of the ages, he will trample it under his feet. An envoy? Emperor Shi Tian's eyes were deep, and his thoughts were turning quickly in his mind. "Let's see if you killed me or I killed you," he said indifferently. With these words, his eyes fell on the two spears inserted in the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. As soon as his right hand moved, the tiger soul returned to its scabbard and pulled out the spear. The chariot of the Emperor of Heaven, all the heavens and all the realms, all living beings give me the treasure of the demon clan. The trial represents power, and the killing of demons represents responsibility. Today, the emperor will kill you with the spear of the Demon War. Those who are enemies of the emperor are demons. Emperor Shitian holds the war spear, feeling, holding in the hand, is not just a war spear, but a heavy responsibility. Chapter 846 soul clan life lamp. The chariot of the Emperor of Heaven is a unique existence between heaven and earth. On the chariot, there is naturally the blessing of the Emperor of Heaven. "On the chariot, the divine splendor is restrained,316ti stainless steel, and the Emperor Shitian stands on it." A black imperial robe sets off the supreme majesty. "Holding the ancient silver-white spear in his hand," faintly, countless silver-white roads on the spear are interwoven and flowing. Kill the devil. Kill the devil! On the spear, there seems to be a flash of different faces. Among these faces, there are demons, humans, orcs, skeletons,uns s31803 sheet, ghosts, Shura and so on. The faces of countless races in the world can be clearly seen on the spear. In their mouths, they reveal hatred and ferocious colors. An ancient incantation, "kill the devil, kill the devil," was uttered one after another. It's just repeated, but it reveals a supreme belief. This is the mind of sentient beings, the immortal will. This is the obligation and responsibility entrusted by all living beings to the owner of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. As soon as he held the spear in his hand, Emperor Shitian felt that his whole body was completely connected with the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. From the chariot, a stream of great power poured into the body. On the chariot, he suddenly realized the power and magic of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. Originally, on the chariot, even if the true force in the body is consumed more, it can be replenished in an instant. It seems to be the source of its own strength, continuously supporting the battle of the Emperor of Heaven. The moment when power never runs out. What's more amazing is that even if you are seriously injured on the chariot, even if you break the body, 316l stainless steel pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, "you can recover in an instant, there will be no hidden danger at all" and "the most amazing thing is that in the chariot, you have the soul of the Emperor of Heaven condensed by innumerable emperors, once inspired, the soul of the Emperor of Heaven blends with itself". In a short period of time, "Emperor Shitian" has the intrepid fighting power to match the world's strongest. However, this kind of fusion, the pressure on the physical body is great, once the physical body can not support, it will be immediately supported by the collapse of the physical body "damage to the immortal body, even the will of flesh and blood fusion will be worn away.". If a county is like this, it is possible to fall from the body of immortality. Therefore, although the fusion of the war soul with the Emperor of Heaven is a great killing move, the conditions it requires are equally terrible. According to the message from the chariot, this "fusion" is actually for the mighty. Its real purpose is to let the Emperor of Heaven, who has reached the realm of the strongest in the world, have the "invincible fighting power against heaven" under his domination. This is the inside story of the top innate Lingbao of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven. And in the eyes of the three leaders. He only felt that when Emperor Shitian pulled up the spear to kill the demons, the whole person's momentum changed all of a sudden. Standing still in his body, he revealed a godless power of the emperor's presence in all realms of heaven. Under the background of the chariot of the Emperor of Heaven, he only felt that his own fighting power seemed to be suppressed all of a sudden. It was as if the courtiers had gone against the emperor and were "congenitally weak" in momentum. "What a chariot of the Emperor of Heaven! What a demon emperor!" The three leaders narrowed their eyes and "paused" and said, "However, this chariot of the Emperor of Heaven has been sealed all the time." You have to use the blood of the Demon Emperor of the Demon God Continent to unseal it. "With the power of this spear, you simply can't give full play to your true power. At most, it's only half of your power. If you want to punish me, you may not be able to do it. Demon Clan "How can the demon clan have the noble blood of my clan?" Voice fell, in his hands, suddenly more than a strange white and silver palace lantern, the palace lantern, very strange, in the style of the nine palace lanterns between heaven and earth is very similar, but there is no hidden profound atmosphere of the nine palace lanterns. Look at the lights in the silver palace lantern, it is a silver-white fireworks, burning violently, emitting a strange breath. Life lamp? Ming, who had been watching leisurely, but when he saw the silver palace lantern, a pair of longans contracted violently. "The frightened monster shouted:" Emperor Madman, be careful. This is the life lantern. This person must be the soul clan, the most bizarre soul clan in the legend. Their art of life lantern is extremely strange. "Even the strongest people in the world are extremely afraid. Once it is ignited, it will never die. He lit the lamp of life. "Once the lamp of life goes out, your life will fall with the madman.". This is a real fall, and even any brand of soul will not exist. This is the weirdest way of the soul. He exclaimed, "It's about to jump out of the holy river of the afterlife." Are you a soul clan? Emperor Shitian was shocked. However, there was no sign of weakness on his face. He just stared at the three leaders coldly and said, "The Soul Clan would interfere in the affairs of my Demon Clan. Do you want to die?" Not only did it not show weakness, but it was like an emperor scolding his courtiers, and that kind of "godless power" rolled over him like the tide. Bang, bang, bang! Three leaders only feel the oncoming pressure, simply unstoppable,x52 line pipe, the whole body, involuntarily backward out of three steps. Body momentum, suddenly weak down.