Retreats in Germany

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ohn David - Spiritual Satsang Teacher in the lineage of Papaji and Sri Ramana Maharshi, Author and Filmmaker. Founder of the Open Sky House. Since 1997, John David has been offering Satsang in many parts of the world - Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and India.

Satsang opens the heart and calms the mind. Everyone is welcome! Satsang gives space for a deep encounter with yourself, beyond roles, thoughts and feelings. It is a space to reconnect with what is most precious to you, to ask your innermost questions and allow yourself to just be.

In our everyday life we ​​are not very aware of our essence most of the time and often we do not have a connection to it. Our lives are determined by desires, fears and goals. The energy of Satsang helps us to look inwards and meet our source, our true self. With this deep connection to our being, we can truly be there for every moment of our lives and experience the great love and peace that is always there.

Satsang often begins with a short silence, followed by a talk or an invitation to ask questions. Everything happens spontaneously. You can just listen and absorb the energy of freedom and peace or if you like you can actively participate and talk to John David.

Retreats in Germany