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It is important to locate the operator as soon as possible

It is important to locate the operator as soon as possible

In addition to that, there is another problem that needs to be resolved if a drone actually has been detected. From jammers to kinetic countermeasures (such as lasers, missiles, nets, and even birds of prey) there are a growing number of drone countermeasures on the market. There are a number of options available that were designed for military operations, but may not be appropriate or applicable to a civil airport due to their security company gatwick design. Drones can be stopped by stopping the source, which means finding out who is controlling the drone and locating where they are located. Occasionally, that is the most effective way to stop a drone.

The use of RF detection and geolocation can also be helpful in this situation. Through the use of RF spectrum monitoring, it is possible to identify the location of the control signal from the operator. If an operator's precise location coordinates are known, the security services can be alerted to intercept him as soon as possible.  There is often a difficulty in detecting these control signals, which is why we would always recommend an integrated, multi-layered approach to detecting drones.

Despite the relatively low cost of drones (or even the threat of using them) the Gatwick incident has demonstrated that a relatively inexpensive device (or even the threat of using them) can result in a very expensive problem, not to mention the implications for wider security.

Organizations can better protect themselves from the threat of illegal drones by employing a permanent and integrated drone detection system at airports and other restricted locations which is capable of detecting drones in real time.