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Pantry Services San Jose is a community resource that offers low-cost food to those in need. It is located at San Jose City College, and provides food to people in need of basic necessities.

Pantry Services San Jose is a community resource that offers low-cost food to those in need. It is located at San Jose City College, and provides food to people in need of basic necessities. There are also volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups looking to help out.

Lighthouse Ministries

Lighthouse Ministries Pantry Services San Jose is an important source for food, clothing, and resources for the unhoused and disabled. The pantry is operated by Pastor Ralph Olmos, who serves 1,000 people each day. He plans to reopen his pantry at noon on Thursday. In order to operate, pastor Olmos needed a special use permit. But when he received the notice from the city, he found out that they sent him the wrong paperwork. That meant that he would have to pay a fee of up to $15,000.

The pastor told the city that he needed the funds to get the permit. So, he launched a GoFundMe campaign. As of Tuesday evening, the total was $16,662! This includes an anonymous donor who has pledged $10,000.

The pastor says that he plans to use the funds to cover the permit fees and improvements. The city has proposed a way to waive the permit fee for nonprofits. The nonprofit will have to submit an application and go through a background check. If approved, the nonprofit can distribute food.

Spartan Food Pantry

The Spartan Food Pantry Services San Jose is a full-service food assistance program for SJSU students, with a wide range of produce, meat, dairy, and other essentials. This facility is a collaboration between Second Harvest Food Bank and San Jose State University. It is open Wednesday to Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is free to students.

As part of the food pantry's mission to help students in need, the organization has launched a variety of programs to support local nonprofit organizations and their residents. From compost trips to unhoused community outreach, students can get involved in any number of ways. Some of these programs are based on a donation model, while others require participants to pay out of pocket.

One of the best ways to show your SJSU pride is to volunteer at one of the organization's many events. You can also find your college spirit on display at its annual alumni golf tournament.

San Jose City College

The Spartan Food Pantry is a worthy contender in the food and beverage department. It offers perishable and refrigerated goods. A farmer's market style distribution stand helps keep the supply up. Located on E. Julian and 17th streets, this little known gem serves the locals in need.

The Spartan Food Pantry is staffed by the clergy, led by pastor Ralph Olmos. There are several food related programs at the school, such as Rapid Rehousing and SJSU Cares, which provide emergency assistance for students. Another lesser known program, the Jaguar Market, provides free groceries to the needy. In all, the Spartan Food Pantry serves thousands of hungry locals.

For many years, San Jose City College was a food desert. In fact, for a couple of years, the only real option on campus was KJ's Cafe. Now, the Spartan Food Pantry, in conjunction with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, and with the help of the SJCC student government, offers an array of food options to the hungry.

Volunteer opportunities

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at Pantry Services San Jose. These include picking up donated food at local grocery stores, helping at mobile pantries and other special events, and tending community gardens. Volunteers can also help with outreach efforts and fundraising. They can support the Coalition on Homelessness by serving as interpreters for case management sessions. Or they can speak out at meetings or community events about homelessness.

Lighthouse Ministries' food pantry services San Jose provides resources for families and unhoused individuals. It operates out of 309 N. 17th Street and feeds approximately 1,000 people a day. The pantry is run by Pastor Ralph Olmos.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley provides food to low-income residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Food donations are accepted online and in the pantry's warehouse. volunteers can sort, deliver, and pack food for the pantry. The Redwood Empire Food Bank in Sonoma County distributes about 15 million pounds of food to people in need. The nonprofit offers distribution programs for senior citizens and kids.