Where to Find a Good Outdoor Barbeques in Santa Barbara

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There are several different places you can enjoy a good outdoor barbeques in Santa Barbara. You can choose from restaurants with traditional bar-b-q meals, or even a few places that feature a Copper Top Barbecue.

There are several different places you can enjoy a good outdoor barbeques in Santa Barbara. You can choose from restaurants with traditional bar-b-q meals, or even a few places that feature a Copper Top Barbecue.

Local beef

Santa Maria has an old-fashioned barbecue tradition, which goes back to the days when cattle roundups were held in the area. During this time, cowhands spent long hours branding and roping their calves.

These long-ago festivities were a chance for the locals to enjoy a communal meal, a tradition that has survived for a hundred years. Besides a traditional beef tri-tip, Santa Maria Outdoor Barbeques has evolved through the years. Today, you can find a wide variety of beef and relishes. The traditional centerpiece is a tri-tip, but there are also a wide selection of sausages, ribs, and steaks. Local grass-fed beef is available from ranches in the region, including Rancho San Julian, Watkins Cattle Company, and Zaca Ranch. There is also grass-fed beef sold in farmers markets.


Santa Maria Outdoor Barbeques is an American culinary tradition originating in the town of Santa Maria, California. It's located in the Santa Maria Valley, a rural region stretching between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. There are several different stories about how the tradition began. The most common one is that it dates back to the early 1800s. Local rancheros raised cattle for hide export and for tallow. They would throw Spanish-style feasts after each roundup.

Guests from the city were invited to the ranch celebrations. They were served large cuts of beef cooked in large pits. In addition to beef, other sides were prepared. One side was pinquito beans, tiny pink beans that are native to the Santa Maria Valley.

Restaurants in Santa Clarita and Tehachapi

There are several Outdoor Barbeques restaurants in the Santa Clarita and Tehachapi area. This region is surrounded by the desert to the north, the San Joaquin Valley to the west, and the Tehachapi Mountains to the east. The weather is mild and dry. During the winter, it may be a little rainy, but it usually doesn't last long.

Copper Top is a top-tier BBQ restaurant. Their ribs are among the best in town, and their mesquite barbecue is a cinch. They also have an impressive menu and a funky decor. Jocko's BBQ is another top-notch eatery. They have a 100-year-old legacy to boast of. Aside from the usual suspects, they have an interesting selection of brews on tap.

Tri-tip bar-b-q

Tri-tip Outdoor Barbeques is a specialty in the Santa Barbara region. The meat is a low-fat cut. This makes it perfect for feeding a crowd. It is also a good value. There are several ways to make this tasty cut. One is to use a simple rub. Another is to marinate the meat for hours. Lastly, you can smoke it. However, if you choose to barbecue your tri-tip, it is important to get it right.

For starters, you want to have your roast at room temperature before you put it on the grill. A great way to do this is to place an aluminum tray underneath the grill rack. That way, any fat drippings will be captured and will not cause flare-ups.

Copper Top Barbecue

Copper Top BBQ is a roadside stand located in Big Pine, California. The restaurant specializes in Santa Maria style tri-tip and pork ribs. Copper Top BBQ was launched in June of last year. It is a small operation that has no wait staff and no indoor seating. Instead, customers wait in line for their orders.

The most impressive thing about this operation is the quality of its food. They use a high tech smoker and grill that will keep your meat at an impressive temperature for hours. Copper Top BBQ isn't just about barbecue; they also serve up a decent sized menu of other foods as well. They offer tri-tip, chicken, and pulled pork.

Leadbelly's Barbecue

If you are looking for a high quality burger with a side of BBQ, you have come to the right place. Leadbelly's BBQ is located in the middle of a strip mall, which is a bit of a challenge. As a result, you will likely have to settle for a quick bite before heading off to the zoo, the movies, or the office. The restaurant's small but well managed staff will have you chowed in no time.

One of the biggest draws of Leadbelly's is the selection of craft beers. There are over 30 on tap, with a plethora of local microbrews and stouts to choose from. Aside from beer, the restaurant also offers up a number of cocktails and whiskeys to wash it all down with.