What is jira and its key concepts?

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In this article you will know more about what is jira and its key concepts.

What is jira and its key concepts?

Jira is software teams may use to monitor issues, manage projects, and automate workflows. It was created by the Australian software company Atlassian.


Jira Software is a member of a family of tools for managing projects in teams of all sizes. Jira was initially intended to be a bug and issue tracker. Today, however, Jira has developed into a powerful work management solution for a variety of use cases, including agile software development and the management of requirements and test cases. To learn more about jira join FITA Academy.


The critical concept of Jira is



A single task that you track from inception to completion is referred to as an issue. A bug, user story, epic, assignment for the HR team, or artifact your documentation team needs to produce could all be considered issues.


Requests, tickets, and tasks are all terms used to describe issues. It is preferable to utilize issues or the precise issue types you describe to avoid misunderstanding.


The most common issue kinds used by product teams are epic, story, bug, test, and task.



A project is a technique to organize your problems and the details and circumstances that connect them. Issues related to a project can be configured in several ways, such as visibility limits and applicable workflows.


A dedicated project for each product is beneficial when using Jira to support your product development efforts.



Jira boards serve as a visual depiction of your team's project-related processes. Use various boards for versatile methods to observe, manage, and report on work-in-progress on the same project.


If you follow an agile methodology, using a Sprint Board to display the Sprint Backlog for the current sprint and a Kanban Board view to monitor backlog items as they progress is helpful.



A workflow depicts the route issues take from creation to resolution inside your project.


Every label in a workflow, like "To Do," "In Progress," and "Done," represents a potential state for an issue. Workflows can be set up to control the transitions between various statuses and to set off events when an issue enters a status.



I hope this blog is useful to know more about what is jira and its critical concepts. Jira is a software tool developed to solve management issues and meet their requirements. To know more about jira join jira training online.