wholesale Space Dye Yarn

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wholesale Space Dye Yarn Article: Snowflake Rainbow Snowy Composition:聽 3% Wool 60% Acrylic 35% Recycled Nylon 2% Sp Count:1/7NM Snowy is made of a single 16 woolen rainbow yarn (spot) spelled together a fancy stretch wool yarn combination, soft and elastic to the touch, with AB mixed color and gradient color effect, skin-friendly: make children's clothing, hats, scarves, coats and other textiles. Stock Survice 1. There are stock survice on color card 2. Specified color sample MOQ: 50kg, Leadtime: 15 days, surcharge 20% 3. Specified color bulk MOQ: 500Kkg, leadtime: 30 days, 15% surcharge if bulk less than MOQwholesale Space Dye Yarn website:http://www.riehoo-yarn.com/space-dye-yarn/