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Buy Pigment Introduction Cochineal powder is an organic compound. The molecular formula is C22H20O13, a natural pigment extracted from the female cochineal growing in different areas, different types of cacti, the color pink to purple. As a natural pigment used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Cochineal red is soluble in water, slightly soluble in hot water or ethanol, and soluble in alkali. Specification ITEMSSTANDARDRESULTS Carmine鈮?0%51.60% Physical and Chemical Control AppearanceDark Purple-red PowderComplies Color valueE(1%1cm,520nm卤5nm) 100110.71 Particle Size100% Pass 80meshComplies SolubilitySoluble in waterComplies Moisture鈮?%3.68% ConclusionConforms with specification, Non-GMO, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free Packing5kgs/bag, 4bags/drum StorageStored in a dry cool place, the temperature at 5-10鈩? keep away from strong light heat Shelf Life24 months when stored properly. Application 1) Cosmetics It can be used for lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish, and baby products. 2) Medicine, Cochineal is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a coating material for tablets and pellets and as a colorant for capsule shells. 3) Food Brain fat red can also be used in food such as candy, drinks, and meat products. Cochineal Powder, with the function of eliminating pigmentation. Studies have shown that it has a significant effect on preventing DNA damage caused by carcinogens. It can be used to prevent and treat viral diseases, cancer, and AIDS. Carmine and yellow, orange, red, and other pigments (such as curcumin, capsicum red, and 尾-carotene) can be mixed to create a series of different colors of products. Why use cochineal red as lipstick? In the mid-20th century, cosmetics were mostly made of toxic synthetic chemicals over a long period, and the search for suitable natural alternatives led to the re-emergence of cochinworm, a natural dye popular in the 17th century. Cochineal red lipstick is pure biological pollution. What is the price of it? Timyee Health's Cochineal Powder- selected raw materials - patent extraction - GB quality - high purity - stable performance - dosage than peers, save 5%, call consultation can be free sample! Timyee has a strict quality inspection system to ensure that the quality and content of products meet the standards. Tel:0086 18891996584;Email: [email protected] Customer Feedback Most products have sold well at home and abroad for a long time. Our customers are all over Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America.Buy Pigment website: