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Introduce the introduction, medicinal value, application in cosmetics and manufacturers of aloe vera extract. Welcome to consult and purchase if necessary.

Introduction to Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera extract is a colorless, transparent to brown, slightly viscous liquid that turns into yellow fine powder after drying. No smell or slightly specific smell. It is usually used as a facial mask and is very popular among women. Has strong moisturizing properties.

Medicinal value of aloe vera extract

  1. Sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects

Most of the anthrone compounds in aloe have the effects of sterilization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and promotion of wound healing. Studies have found that aloin and aloe-emodin both have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. The bactericidal and anti-inflammatory functions of aloe can effectively Eliminate acne and acne, and it is clinically used to treat various inflammations with remarkable curative effect.

  1. Stomach invigorating effect

Aloe vera has the effect of invigorating the stomach, mainly because aloe vera contains active ingredients such as aloe-emodin glycosides, aloe vera ning, (Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd.) aloe vera tincture, etc. It has the function of invigorating the stomach and plays a role in increasing appetite. Aloe-emodin glycosides are derivatives of anthraquinone-containing glycosides. Has a stomachic effect.

  1. Beauty effect

The aloin and aloesin contained in aloe vera have the effects of beautifying the skin in many aspects. It has a certain effect on deodorization and other aspects, and has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays to prevent skin burns.

  1. Enhance the body's immunity

The research results show that aloe vera polysaccharides can give resistance to any disease nest in the body, so as to improve its own strength to fight against germs and speed up the treatment effect.

Application of Aloe Vera Extract in Cosmetics


  1. Moisturizing

The aloe polysaccharides, amino acids and metal salts contained in aloe vera are the same as the natural moisturizing factor, and have good moisturizing properties. Aloe extract can provide a natural moisturizing system for the skin. Experimental studies have shown that the optimum moisturizing concentration of aloe in the emulsified system is 40%-50% (the content of aloe juice in the formula), and its moisturizing property is better than Hyaluronic acid and 5% glycerin. In a relatively dry environment (RH=43.3%), its moisture retention is even better than 10% glycerin.

  1. Sun protection

The main component of sunscreen in aloe is anthraquinones (aloe glycosides). Due to the existence of a long conjugated system, anthraquinones will have a strong ultraviolet absorption peak in the ultraviolet region, which can absorb ultraviolet rays in the range of 320-380nm. . Its sun protection mechanism is: aloe anthraquinones absorb ultraviolet light energy under the excitation of ultraviolet rays, electrons transition from the ground state to the excited state, and when the electrons return to the ground state, the absorbed light energy is released in the form of fluorescence. That is to say, in this process, aloe vera anthraquinones absorb ultraviolet energy and convert it into fluorescence that does not damage the skin. The combination of aloe vera and silicone oil can form an absorbent coating on the outside of the skin, which is not easy to lose and has a good anti-sun effect.

  1. Wound healing

The wound healing process and immunostimulatory effect of aloe are all derived from the polysaccharides with relatively high molecular weight in its gel, and mannan is the main polysaccharide in the polysaccharides. Mannan contains substances that can increase the activity of macrophages. The activation of macrophages will accelerate the growth of cells and tissues, increase the activity and reproduction speed of fibroblasts, and thus promote wound healing. In addition, gibberellin (a plant growth hormone) in aloe vera promotes wound healing by increasing the rate of protein synthesis.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe is one of its most basic functions, because the three substances in aloe, steroid, bradykinin, and anti-prostaglandin, have anti-inflammatory activity and can reduce skin inflammation. , acne marks have a certain therapeutic effect.

Aloe Vera Extract Manufacturer

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