Don't limit access to decision-making processes by establishing rigid hierarchies that depend on personal relations

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The SEO should be ideally able to report to the CEO or CTO directly not through a game of telephone or by talking to numerous superiors.

For larger companies, a project manager should be able to help. That person needs the necessary clout inside the business to assign tasks and  buy facebook accounts priorities. Ideally, the SEO specialist should not be responsible for project management. 

Believe it or not, the alternative is a potential deadlock. Once I had to ask permission from up to nine different "superiors" before being able to  Buy Facebook Ads Accounts make a change or publish something within a larger international company. The actual work was done but different opinions and numerous change requests based on the perceived importance of each stakeholder in the hierarchy literally blocked progress.

So no, you can't just push SEO into the geeky corner of technical changes. SEO has to inform the whole business process – the more input gets included the better the results. Kopp concludes:

"The former nerd child SEO, who conjures up rankings with some SEO magic, has to grow up and work as an internal consultant and salesperson."

So it's not just the business hierarchy that adapts and integrates the SEO practitioner. The SEO expert has to embrace all other teams and give up the limited technical perspective to succeed in the long run.

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