Grade 36 Ti45-Nb Titanium Wire

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1. Grade 36 Ti45Nb titanium wire has high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
2. High tensile strength and good plasticity.
3. It has good cold workability and is mostly used in aerospace.

After processing, the Grade 36 Ti45-Nb titanium wire has a tensile strength of about 680 MPa, good plasticity, and the elongation and section shrinkage are comparable to those after annealing. It has good cold workability, strong strength, and corrosion resistance. Gr36 titanium wire is commonly used in aerospace technology.


Standards: AMS 4982D

Product Shapes: coil wire, spool wire, straight wire



Grade 36 Ti45Nb Titanium Wire Potential Applications

• Aerospace rivet material

• High pressure oxygenated gas vents

• Oxygen lances for pressure oxidation reactors

• Valves for corrosive oxygenated processes

• Chemical corrosion resistance

• Medical implant devices

• High energy physics and superconducting wire