This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through each step of creating the perfect smokey eye just like the makeup arti

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In principle, achieving the look of a smokey eye is not particularly difficult to do; however, in practice, it can be quite challenging

In principle, achieving the look of a smokey eye is not particularly difficult to do; however, in practice, it can be quite challenging.  This is because there is such a thing as having an excessive amount of smoke (I know, neither of us thought this was possible).  The reason for this is that there is a limit to how much smoke your body can take in.  After all, the alternative to meticulously neat makeup that embodies the spirit of rock and roll is supposed to be smoky eyes, and they are supposed to be the focal point of the look.  However, there is a fine line to walk between looking sexily disheveled and looking like you have no idea what you're doing.  If you cross that line, you will look like you have no idea what you're doing.  Because of this, the fact that more than 21 million of us have recently searched Google with the question "how to do a smokey eye" should not come as any kind of surprise at all.  Can you describe what a smokey eye is and how it's created? Before we begin, could you please explain the different aspects that go into creating a smokey eye?
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In actual practice, rather than a single solid block of color, it is an eyeshadow that has been blended or diffused, which a) results in the creation of dimension and b) looks positively sizzling.  You can use a single shade and smoke it out to blend it out, but in most cases, you will build up layers using a variety of shades and textures.  You can use a single shade and blend it out by smoking it around the edges.  In a video tutorial on metallic smokey eyes, the celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, also known as the King of the Smokey Eye, explains that all of the layers create so much dimension.  Vanngo is known for being the originator of the smokey eye look.  You might be curious as to why I have to begin with the pencil, then proceed to the shadow, and finally conclude with yet another shadow.  The reason for this, however, is the depth that you create in your writing.  It is very enjoyable to observe how it comes across in the photographs that you take.  To make a gradient, you begin with an extremely dark color and work your way up to one that is much lighter.


 We posed this question to Amy Conway, a global pro artist for Bobbi Brown, and requested that she provide us with a step-by-step guide to creating a smokey eye, along with her recommendations for doing so successfully


1.   What is the deal-killer

2.  Blending (a great deal and a great deal of blending)

3.   Before you start applying your smokey eye makeup, there are three things you need to keep in mind

4.   The key is to make sure that the darkest point is always located at the lash line, as this will give the most dramatic effect

5.   It guarantees that you are drawing more attention to the eye as opposed to the makeup, which maintains the appearance of the makeup looking really modern and fresh

6.   Keep it simple

7.   Use no more than three distinct eye shadows in addition to an eyeliner in order to draw attention to your eyes

8.   Blend will quickly become one of your closest confidantes

9.   When it comes to achieving a seamless blend, brushes are extremely useful tools to have on hand

10.   When it comes to creating a smokey eye, it doesn't matter how dark you go or what colors you use; what matters is how well you can blend the liner and shadow together to create a seamless transition

 As a result of this, it has the appearance of being alluring.  How do you do a smokey eye look? To get started, apply an eyeshadow with a tone that is somewhere in the middle all over the lid of the eye.  If you want your base to have a subtle smoky look, the primary colors you should use are heathers, grays, or browns.  Making the eyes appear more awake and attractive can be accomplished in a quick and simple manner by applying eyeliner along the upper lash line and ensuring that the color is coated and deposited between the lashes.  Choose a product that has a gel or glide-on formula, such as the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil that is sold by Urban Decay.  This will make application much simpler.  You should make sure to use an eyeshadow brush to blend it out before it sets, because once it does, it won't move for the rest of the night and could potentially ruin your makeup.  Applying a shadow that has a dark undertone, such as espresso, charcoal, or smoke, on top of the liner and blending it into the lid shadow and the upper half of the lid is a good way to achieve a dramatic look.

 When applying along the lower lash line, gently press the brush onto the root of the lower lashes as you move along the lower lash line.  This will help the product adhere better.  After that, you can achieve a smokier effect by using your fingers to blend it out.  It is recommended that you finish the process by applying three to four coats of mascara, such as Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye Mascara.  This will give the appearance of having full lashes and should be done as the very last step.  You could finish it off with a sparkle shadow that you could apply with your finger if you want to give it the appearance of being truly luxurious.  It does an excellent job of evening out the texture of the lid and blending eyeshadow through the crease of the eye.  It also works very well for applying eyeshadow.  Does it seem to be beyond your capabilities? In addition to this, there is a sneaky tactic. . . Because it is quick and easy to do and requires very few products, Amy suggests using a long-wear cream shadow and a long-wear gel eyeliner to create a smokey eye look with as few products as possible.

 This is because the look can be created with very few products.  Simply apply the shadow all over the lid, and then blend it outwards until it reaches the outer corner of the eye.  This will give the appearance of smokiness.  After that, apply the gel eyeliner along the lash line and the bottom lid, and after that, use a small eye brush to smudge the gel eyeliner.  Amy recommends using a shimmer cream shadow if you want a more subtle look that is appropriate for daytime, but if you want a more dramatic smokey eye for the evening, she recommends using a dark cream shadow.