Business Owners Make These Common Bookkeeping & Financial Mistakes

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Collectively, our team of CPAs and tax professionals bring over 20 years of experience in the tax, accounting, audit, and financial services industry.

It's possible that most of us in the industry regard bookkeeping as a chore. Others consider it as the territory of accountants and other financial practitioners and will almost certainly refer to it as something they want to get out of the way as quickly as possible.


However, whether you opt to handle your own accounting or outsource the process to a professional bookkeeper or business, it is critical that you do not overlook this important task and re-check your books properly and on a regular basis. Regular thorough examination of your books will guarantee that:


●    Everything has been documented, no omissions have occurred; it is easy to forget to input anything, and a thorough check will ensure that nothing has been overlooked.


●    There have been no mistakes, and even a minor inaccuracy can throw every calculation off; it is far preferable to catch it early before it is replicated across the entire collection of volumes.


●    There is no theft or embezzlement going on. Although you most likely have complete faith in everyone with whom you deal, it is better to be cautious than sorry; a frequent review of your financial records will alert you to any misuse of cash.


●    You make the greatest use of the financial information they hold; understanding what is going on with the books enables you to make completely informed financial decisions.


Freshwatertax's CPAs and tax specialists have over 20 years of combined expertise in tax, accounting, auditing, and financial services. Every member of our cpa-in-lithia, FL team is an expert in one of the following areas: taxes, accounting, or auditing.


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