why should you link your client’s google ads account to search console?

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See if people reach your client's website through ads or organic search results

Or maybe you are a freelancer working day and night to give utmost satisfaction to your clients through the quality of your work.


Working for your customers in the digital marketing vertical is not an easy task. To sustain growth in a competitive market, both you and your digital strategies must perform well. Delivering good results will make your customer happy and a good reputation for work will bring you more customers.


That being so, you must have definitely heard about why should you link your client’s google ads account to search console? Google Ads are one of the hottest topics among digital marketers and are heavily used as an essential part of branding techniques. Google Ads are easy to implement and provide you massive profits with instant traffic and generate more leads.


Working on Google Ads (often referred to as PPC campaigns) for your clients is a challenging as well as a responsible job. You have to make sure at every step that you are doing it the right way in the most efficient way possible. are you doing this?


Google Ads is a paid service. You have to come up with strategies that are worth every penny your customer spends. That's what will serve your client's objectives and keep you in a good book.

As a digital marketer, one thing we often overlook is linking our client's Google Ads account to Google Search Console.


You will know how well your advertising campaigns are performing.


This data will help you better understand and analyze your Google Ads campaign. Here you will find information on the search query and keyword level. You can use this data to develop further strategies that will better serve your purpose.

Although you may belong to a marketing background, there is always something you can learn and improve upon.

  1. Compare Organic and Paid Keywords

Once you've configured your client why should you link your client’s google ads account to search console? you can clearly examine how organic and paid keywords work differently. You can match how both perform. And use this data to better analyze your advertising campaigns and create better strategies. The "Paid Organic Report" page is updated daily and shows you how the CTR is affecting both organic and paid reach for a particular keyword.


  1. Get New Keyword Measures

Linking a Google Ads account to Google Search Console helps you get new keyword ideas through search queries and keywords. You can use these keyword measures for further implementation in your advertising campaign. You can pause a campaign that isn't performing well or even create a new campaign based on those keyword measures.


  1. Compare your ads with other bidders

Google Ads works completely on a bidding system. Everyone is adding some amount while running a campaign and your ads are always competing with others to get a better ranking.


Linking these two profiles gives you an idea of how your ads are performing (or less) compared to others.


Log in to your Adwords accounts

Create your AdWords account or sign in if you have one. Then find the option "Tools" at the top and click on it.


Click on "Linked Account"

After clicking on these a dropdown menu will appear.  Click on it.


Select "Search Console"

Here you will find "Search Console". Click on it.


And your accounts are linked.




It is extremely beneficial and extremely easy to implement.