How to wirelessly setup a Canon Pixma Mg2922

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Follow a few simple steps to quickly and easily set up the Canon mg2922 Cableless. To finish the work on a Mac or Windows computer, adhere to these procedures.

How to use a Wi-Fi secured Canon mg2922 setup to connect a Windows machine to a wireless network. Before you begin, make sure your printer is turned on and plugged in. It will have a light up button in front of it. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button while the printer is turned on until the amber alert light flashes.

After the flash, let go of the Wi-Fi button and confirm that both the power and Wi-Fi lights are on and quickly flashing. Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless network or access point while the Wi-Fi light is blinking. Depending on your router, you might see a button that like the one shown here. You have two minutes to complete this step starting when the Wi-Fi light starts to flash. The printer and wireless router are linked when both the Wi-Fi and on lights cease flickering and stabilise.

Installation and configuration of a Canon Mg2922 Wireless

Insert the CD ROM that came with Canon Pixma mg2922 Troubleshooting after turning on your computer to set up your printer and install drivers. Visit the Canon website to download the installation files. To download the printer's software and set up WiFi on the Canon Mg 2922, click on these links.

To begin, open the downloaded file on your computer and read the instructions on the welcome screen. Click Next to pick access point connection after selecting wireless land connection as your connection type. The software will look for printers that are already logged into the network as soon as you click Next to ensure that your printer is turned on. The list ought to be empty if this is your first time installing the printer. The list didn't have a checkbox where you could choose the printer. If the printer is already listed, click Next. The wireless printer setup will then be installed after clicking Next on the following two windows. After you've pressed the WPS button, your screen can look like this or this. To locate your printer on the network, click Next. When you see the window stating that the connection was successful, choose your printer and click Next. To view the License Agreement screen, choose one from the list of programmes that appears. To proceed with the installation, select yes. Clicking Next will carry out the installation of the software at this point.

How to setup a wifi network on a Canon Mg2922

It could take some time for the technical manual to WiFi-enable the Canon Mg2922. When the dialogue box indicating that the Canon mg2922 configuration is complete appears, click Next. The screen for printhead alignment opens after selecting complete. Select the screen's execute button. Start the alignment of the printhead. Any directions displayed on the screen should be followed. Once the printhead alignment is complete, click Next to exit the software.

create a printer You will be asked to register your product at this point. After registration is finished, a new window will open if you'd want to register right now. Installing the expanded survey application is now necessary. If you choose not to, the extended survey programme won't be installed right away. Choose "Agree" If you want to print a test page, put some plain paper in the printer to open the test print window. After printing a test page, click execute. By selecting next, you can also skip the test printing. In order to finish the installation, click Exit when you see this screen. The Canon Pixma mg 2922 may now be completely configured to a wireless network and is ready to print or scan by utilising a Windows computer with WPS.


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