Why Am I Not Reciving Emails On AOL Mail?

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If you are not getting emails on the AOL mail account. it will be a really irritating issue. here are the guide to get that fixed.

We all know that AOL Mail are being hosted on the High end servers. so whenever, someone will send you any email. it will come up to your inbox with in a couple of seconds. but sometimes, It does not happen like that. 

Whenever a user sends you any email. It won't apppear on the inbox. due to which, users get frustrated. Generally, that happens because of the incorrect mail settings or application errors. If you don't know how to fix them? Here are the guide for you. you can apply it on your device. 

How to fix AOL mail not receiving emails problem ? 

  • Whenever AOL mail is not receiving emails in inbox. you should check the other mail folders. most probably, the Emails are available in the other mail folders. 
  • Now go to the account settings, here you need to delelete the Forwarding and spam settings.
  • Let's go to the AOL mail settings again, here you need to make sure that there is no email rules or filters are active. If you find anything active. you need to go ahead and deactivate them. 
  • Sometimes, AOL mail is not receiving emails because of the browser settings. so you need to delete the cookies and cache files. After that, you should refresh the mailbox. also, you can try to re-add the mail account using the valid mail settings. 
  • Let's uninstall the AOL mail account from your phone. now re-add the AOL mail account. it should be working fine for you now. 
  • If AOL mail is not getting emails on the third party mail application. you should check the imap server settings. most probably, these settings are incorrect. for more details, you can visit: imap aol not working problem. 

So these are the steps to fix teh AOL mail problems. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit down reporter blogs. there you will find the complete guide.