How to Receive Boy Scout Lawsuit Loans

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The Boy Scouts is the largest organization in the United States with over 2 million members.

The Boy Scouts of America is facing thousands of lawsuits due to claims of child sexual abuse. The Boy Scouts is the largest organization in the United States with over 2 million members.  If you or a loved one have subjected to abuse and needed therapy, have mental anguish, or pain and suffering from being abused while a member of the Boy Scouts of America, you deserve justice.


For years, Boy Scouts of America has sat idly by as adult volunteers and scout leaders abused some of their members. The Boy Scouts kept documentation of these complaints and cases of misconduct secret. This means that the victims were never receiving proper justice and that the criminals were not being reported to law enforcement officials. The Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy protection that sets a deadline for survivors to file a claim. The time to act on your abuse case is now.

You may have acquired considerable bills in relation to your court case against Boy Scouts of America. You may have passed bills from therapy visits or may have experienced a loss of wages due to mental stress. ECO Pre-settlement Funding can help you by paying you now. When you receive boy scout lawsuit loans from ECO Pre-settlement Funding, you are allowing yourself to hold out for the justice you deserve rather than settling for less.

Since its founding in 1910, Boy Scouts of America has seen over 110 million members. Founded by, xx a British Army Colonel, the Scouts started when he published Scouting for Boys, a book that focused on outdoor skills and information. The Boy Scouts is an organization that has positively impacted many young children as they grew into adulthood. Unfortunately, with many children focused organizations, sexual predators volunteered and used the Boy Scouts as a means to groom and find victims.

What Boy Scouts of America did in response to claims of sexual abuse and misconduct was to hide and protect these predators. By not reporting them to the proper law enforcement officials, these volunteers and scout leaders were able to continue to abuse young boys and avoid the consequences of their actions. For too long, people have been silent about abuse. Recently, hundreds of victims have taken a stand and come forward to press charges against Boy Scouts of America and their abusers.

If you are waiting on pay out from your settlement, ECO Pre-settlement Funding can help you by giving you the money that is needed now. This prevents you from having to settle for less than what you absolutely deserve.