Trustworthy Security Alarm Company in Katy

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Preferred Home Technologies offers the highest quality and customer care available anywhere for Business & Home Alarm Systems.

With excellence in residential and commercial security, PHT is the top security alarm company in Katy and a proud member of the Houston community. We're trusted by numerous families and local businesses as security experts with a wide range of safety solutions like alarm monitoring, CCTV surveillance, access control, intercoms, perimeter protection, etc. 


Our top-quality systems have state-of-the-art technology, which complements our world-class services in installing, repairing, servicing, and upgrading security systems at home and business premises. 


Get Holistic Indoor and Outdoor Safety with PHT

We build, install, maintain, and upgrade security domestic and commercial security systems that prevent burglars, thefts, and other intruders from unauthorized access to your property. 


We're a dependable and trustworthy name in the security systems business. Our engineers and field technicians have a professional and friendly attitude, with over a decade of experience in installing, servicing, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of alarm and monitoring systems across Houston.


●  Residential Security Solutions 

●  Commercial Security Solutions

●  Automated Security Solutions

●  Alarm Monitoring


●  Video Intercoms

●  Smart Lighting Systems


Trust Us with Home and Business Security

We're the ideal choice of security alarm company for homes and businesses across Houston. Regardless of the type and size of your property, PHT has an array of indoor and outdoor monitoring systems with wireless and remote access capabilities to keep you in control of your family's safety. 


Our CCTV and other security cameras are equipped with all the functionalities needed for your home or business surveillance. Keep tabs on your employees and loved ones with our camera monitoring systems. We boast of a team of proficient technicians who are highly skilled in installing, repairing, and upgrading security systems at your home and workplace. Our site audit helps us to identify the best security plan tailored to your needs. 


Call (281) 272-5276 or send an email to [email protected] to know how we can effectively protect your home and business. 


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