Salesforce Certification in Pune

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This SalesForce Course in Pune began as a cloud-based CRM solution. CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management.

This SalesForce Course in Pune began as a cloud-based CRM solution. CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. It entails overseeing all aspects of an organization's relationship with its customers. For example, the customer's contact information, ongoing or completed deals, support requests from a customer, or a new lead from a new customer. Aside from customer information, it also entails storing and managing the details of the people and departments within the seller organization that are in charge of the customer's account and needs. This makes it easier to manage and improve the customer relationship, resulting in greater growth for the company.

What will you learn in thisSalesforce training in Pune?

You will be learning the following topics in this online Salesforce class in Pune Fundamentals and features of Salesforce CRM. Fundamentals and features of Salesforce CRM Concepts of inside and outside sales and customer support Basics of Salesforce Cloud Business logic, UI, security, and data model features Application customization, data validation, and debugging Standard list controller MVC and SOQL Who should take up this Salesforce course in Pune? What are the prerequisites for taking up this online Salesforce course in Pune? What is the Salesforce certification fees in Pune? What are the Salesforce job opportunities in Pune? What is the Salesforce market trend in Pune? Why should you take up this online Salesforce training in Pune?

Salesforce Classes in Pune

Sevenmentor Salesforce Administrator certification training in Pune will provide you with complete proficiency to clear the following certifications:

  • Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 Certification
  • Salesforce App Builder Certification

The course content is in accordance with the requirements of these two certifications. Intellipaat’s training will give you ample opportunities to work on industry-designed real-world projects and case studies. All this will help you fast-track your career with hands-on experience in the domain. Upon the completion of Sevenmentor SalesforceAdministrator certification training in Pune, you will solve quizzes that are modeled on the specific types of questions asked in these certification exams. We will also award you with Sevenmentor course completion certificate once you score at least 60 percent marks in the qualifying exam and complete the project work. Leading MNCs such as Cisco, Standard Chartered, Sony, Ericsson, TCS, and others acknowledge this certification.