Riding the hypnogogic state

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I noticed that I was not good at riding the hypnogogic state when first going to bed but if I'd gotten up during the night or its early morning, I could hold the awareness better.

Over the next few months I continued to practise the techniques and had a few experiences similar to the first two events, but all were rather clumsy and involved situations where I felt my ‘body’ rolling on the floor next to the bed or falling through the bed.I even had one where I saw myself sleeping.If anyone had the misfortune to be observing all this with special ‘amazing astral glasses’ I’m sure they’d be laughing in hysterics at my rather strange and lame attempts to be a master astral traveller.Through personal experience and reading back through my notes I was able to notice certain techniques that worked and some that didn’t.I could tell the different qualities of awareness I had and at what stages they arose and also the different methods to deepen the experiences.It was the kinetic movement that brought on the turning inside out sensation.If I became lucid in a dream I could find a car or vehicle to drive that would start the kinetic sensations.In one dream I became lucid and the only thing I could find close by was a train, so I broke in and stole it.In order to bring on a lucid dream, one of the tricks is to conduct reality checks in normal waking life, such as checking your watch or looking at your hands, so that you hopefully will do the same thing in a dream triggering a lucid reaction.My long suffering partner has learned to put up with me constantly looking at my hands or jumping up and down while in places like supermarkets or cafes.I think he pities me more than anything.I’ve ended up doing some strange things in this search for the afterlife and I’m sure things will get even stranger than this.I was personally discovering things about myself that I would have never discovered otherwise.I was able to lucid dream now and I thought that I could change anything within the dream scene, but I really needed to test my theory.So one time when I was dreaming I was in a hospital ward, I became lucid and decided to delete the scene so it was all white.However, it proved my theory was correct.I should have done that in the previous dream instead of trying to redecorate!I call it hypnogogic transfer because it sounds cool and also it’s like you transfer your sense of ‘I’ awareness seamlessly from your physical state into the dream state.And you thought going to bed was just for sleeping!I noticed that I was not good at riding the hypnogogic state when first going to bed but if I’d gotten up during the night or its early morning, I could hold the awareness better.For example, I’d get up, go to the toilet and then return to bed where I would quieten my thoughts and ‘feel’ my energy body and just watch what was happening in my ‘vision’ with my eyes closed.As I experimented with this amazing phenomenon I found that when I interacted with hypnogogic dream characters, they didn’t react as I expected them to.I was fully conscious, and I expected them to realise what I was doing, but often they didn’t.For example, I could go up to one person and say, ‘I’m dreaming at the moment.Can you tell me who you are?’ But they would just look blankly and then walk away like I was an idiot or something.