Everything you need to know about the camper rv solar panel?

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The camper solar panel not only helps you to be in perfect harmony with the environment, but it will also solve any type of problem related to electricity. In an hour we used about 45 Amp hours (Ah), however, driving an hour, we only managed to recharge the battery by around 8 Ah.

This situation forces, on many occasions, to have to condition our trip to find a campsite in which to spend the night. For this reason, the rv solar panels for campers has become an essential energy supplement that allows the auxiliary battery to be powered. In addition, by constantly recharging our battery without having to turn on the motorhome, it does not let it complete its cycle, thus extending its useful life.
Before venturing into the installation of a camper solar panel, it is convenient to know what type is suitable for your motorhome, its price or how to install the camper solar panel, among other aspects.
What type of solar panel is the right one for your motorhome?
First of all, it is important that we know how to differentiate between solar thermal panels, whose collected solar energy allows us to heat water, and, on the other hand, photovoltaic solar panels that transform solar energy into electricity. Thus, photovoltaic solar panels are the ones that interest us the most.
  1. Photovoltaic solar panels are divided into three categories: With monocrystalline silicon cells : These solar panels are better suited to the needs and characteristics of motorhomes, thus offering greater performance. In addition, they react to low insolation by producing energy even in winter.
  2. With amorphous silicon cells : They are recognizable by their brown color and their performance is low, so they are not very adaptable to use in a motorhome.
  3. With polycrystalline silicon cells : They are recognizable thanks to their blue color and their performance is low when the sun shines weakly.
What power does it need to have?
The power of the campervan solar panel that you should use will depend on the energy needs you have. To know it is as easy as making an inventory of the electronic devices that you have in your motorhome: Time of use, X power in Watt and adding all the electronic devices. To have more precision regarding the results, we recommend that you search the Internet for the information on each of them. In this way, you will be able to choose the camper solar panel for your installation based on your needs. However, we recommend that you choose a solar panel for your motorhome with a power greater than your results of your energy needs so that you do not have future problems.
Advantages of having a solar panel
There are numerous advantages in relation to the installation of a camper solar panel, which can be multiplied if what you want is to make your motorhome profitable. Also, if you rent your motorhome you can earn extra money that will add to the savings of all these expenses.
First of all, solar panels have no impact on the environment and therefore do not generate waste or fuel. The camper solar panel adapts to any vehicle so you won't have to worry about which one to choose to best fit your motorhome. They also have a longevity of up to 20 years! For this, despite not needing any type of maintenance, it is important that you clean it from time to time in order to increase its performance. This makes it an economically profitable investment, in addition to the fact that its main objective is to save energy and, therefore, money. And, without a doubt, one of the main advantages is the independence that it will give you on your motorhome route since you do not have to worry about finding a place where you have to recharge the batteries. What more could you want? It is a wonder!