This Is The Best Time To Go Out Clubbing In Toronto

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A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays!


If you are looking to go out and have a good time in Toronto, but don't know where to start, check out these sure-fire tips on how to choose the Nightclubs Toronto. Nightclubs are great places to socialize enjoy yourself, so if you are in the mood to party and dance the night away, use this advice on where to go what to do while you're there.


For many, Barcode is all about Saturdays. The idea is simple: A nightclub that specializes in top-notch electronic music, Celebrity parties attracts a crowd to match. Barcode Saturdays at Nest nightclub comes in a close second for those who like their Saturdays filled with salsa, funk hip hop. 


There's no shortage of Toronto bars or Toronto nightlife on any given night, but if you want to go out dancing on Saturday nights, you'll have your pick of places. You can find something for everyone, from indie rock to Latin dance clubs. If you're looking for Toronto bars or Toronto nightlife with a little more attitude than most, then Saturday nights are your best bet. 


Many of these night clubs will be open Thursday through Sunday, but Friday as well as Saturday, tend to be peak times when it comes to popular venues. No matter what your actual style or preference may be, there's something for everyone – just make sure you dress up!


Barcode Saturdays, Toronto's longest-running party, is will always be the #1 Celebrity Party! Barcode Saturdays know how to delight everyone. Every week, Barcode Saturdays feature a special guest DJ MCs, as well as special events involving internationally recognized DJs personalities.


Bottle service is strongly recommended, reservations should be made well in advance because of the popularity of Barcode Saturdays among residents and traveling visitors. Call 416-735-7827 for more information.