4 Creative Ways You Can Use Gravel Aggregates This Summer

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Garden gravel stones comprise different types of aggregates like limestone, sandstone, basalt, and other similar aggregates. These stones provide natural beauty and versatility. They can transform your backyard or your garden into a refreshing outdoor space where you will love to spend your time. These small gravel Lethbridge AB aggregate stones can improve the condition of your garden because they offer effective solutions to design drainage, focal points and prevent soil erosion. Here we have dived a little bit deeper into the creative ways that gravel can be used to improve your garden space this summer.

To create better drainage

Gravel can be used to redirect the water flow in your garden in the most natural way possible. Without using concrete, you can dig a drainage system across your garden to let water pass through trenches. Sometimes designers use a perforated pipe to let debris settle down and help clear water run through the system.

Lay out a pond

Gravel is considered an excellent choice to lay out the bottom of ponds. It is also used as a liner for drawing out boundaries on a pond. Some types of Lethbridge gravel help in keeping a good biological environment inside the pond by helping bacteria break down the sludge and providing a stable ground for aquatic plants.

Decorate your driveway

Colored driveways that are lined with gravel stones make an excellent and affordable landscaping option. If lined with the current stone clipper, these stones can provide an excellent aesthetic makeover to your driveway. Adding new layers of gravel on your driveway is much better than using non-sustainable options like concrete.

Replace mulch with gravel

Gravel is used by landscapers to cover flower beds and garden floors. Aggregates used in garden gravel provide a long-term solution and can be used continuously for more than 100 years. Gravel can also help preserve soil moisture and so it makes for an excellent fit for your garden in the summer season.

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Dutchie Dirt Moving Ltd. is a reputable business with a solid reputation in the community for providing top-notch services. It is a seasoned Lethbridge gravel crushing and excavation contractor that has been in operation for more than 20 years. In 2001, Dutchie Dirt Moving Ltd. initially began offering its services. It now provides a full range of earthwork services in Southern Alberta.

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