How to Choose The Right Vacuum for Your Carpet

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Carpets are no doubt a popular target when you need to clean your house as those things can get dirty quickly.

But can any vacuum deliver the same results on any carpet? No, they are not. That''''''''''''''''s why you need to understand what''''''''''''''''s the differences between types of carpet and how to find best-rated vacuum cleaner for them.

Types of carpets

Carpets are not made from just one type of material.

Instead, you will see different carpets with various materials and different pile''''''''''''''''s thickness and height. They exist in almost every variation you can think of. Essentially, when you choose a carpet, you are choosing the material and pile.

In the past, carpets were usually made from wool. This kind of carpet is still popular these days, which you can easily find in stores. But they cost a lot, making wool carpets more of a premium product. So manufacturers started to make carpets from other materials as well.

Olefin, polyester, and nylon are cheaper alternatives. Polyester carpets are popular in lower price range due to its cheap cost, especially when you need to clean them.

The most common lengths of cut are high, medium, and low. You will have an easier time cleaning smaller piles. But higher pile products have become attractive to customers as well.

As a result of these variations in types of carpet''''''''''''''''s material and pile, vacuum manufacturers must adapt too. They have designed and produced plenty of models for common types of carpets.



Wool has been the traditional material for a long time, especially when other ones did not yet exist. With a natural origin, wool is durable and bears a luxurious feel.

But it comes with a cost. A high cost indeed.

To get all those fantastic characteristics, you must spend more to buy wool carpets, which are also harder to clean using vacuum cleaners.

So what is the best vacuum cleaner to buy for wool carpets?

Since a normal vacuum can damage the fibers of wool carpets, you will need models specified designed for this kind of carpets. They usually have gentle brushes, so you will have worries about that.


An affordable material for mass production, nylon is comfortable, durable, and strong. There are so many reasons explaining why nylon is not just popular in carpets but in general clothing and other applications, as well.

These days, going to any store, you will see nylon carpets are one of the most popular choices. So if the one in your house is nylon, any common vacuum, such as canister vacuums, can likely handle it well without a hitch, especially models for thick carpets.


Polyester is another popular synthetic material for carpets thanks to the resistance to stains, moisture, and the ease of cleaning. If you''''''''''''''''re worried about the environment, there are many eco-friendly polyester options as well.

Due to its popularity, most vacuums on the market, including cordless vacuums, can clean debris on polyester carpets effectively.


Height is another important characteristic of any carpet, which indicates the height of material layers making up the carpet. High-pile carpets, such as shag carpets, have longer strands compared to lower products.

Medium- and low-pile carpets are, of course, thinner. If you have these kinds of carpets in your house, then you are in luck. Most brands make vacuums for carpets with this height range in mind, so you won''''''''''''''''t have trouble choosing the right product.

But if your carpets are thicker, then you must put more effort into finding a suitable model.


From the information above, you must now have known that type of carpet affects how you should choose a vacuum cleaner as well. Picking a suitable model is better than buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner On The Market since it may not help you clean the carpet better without damaging it.


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