How to protect your hands in winter?

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How to protect your hands in winter?

In winter, our hands need extra care, which will help with hand cream. But it is wrong to think that the same cream can be used in winter and summer. However, winter care should include special ingredients. We now tell you what functions should perform hand cream in winter.


In winter, the body lacks nutritional trace elements, so many advise you to include more nuts, olive oil, and sea fish in your diet. Applying a nourishing hand cream that fills cells with beneficial trace minerals is also important.


Due to the constant change in temperature and cold winds, the skin loses a lot of moisture and needs to be constantly actively restored. After applying a winter cream, you should feel as comfortable as possible and get moisturized right away. Do not forget that the room is heated in winter, but this is a minus because the air becomes dry. By constantly moisturizing your hands with cream, you will protect your skin from dryness and renew the water balance inside your cells.


Often in winter, your hands crack or develop tiny wounds that need to heal quickly and safely. With a good winter cream, you'll speed up the cell renewal and give your hands a youthful, beautiful look.

Protection from wind and frost

Winter cream should protect against icy winds, covering your hands with a thin film. If you apply a good winter cream, you'll forget about dryness and tightness for a long time.

However, it is necessary to care for rivers and skin every season. It should be done both in summer and winter. It can be done with the help of special products, and one of the best is dry body oil. A special oil will help you not only to moisturize your skin but also to solve many problems such as psoriasis and scaling.