What is NL in poker

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There are a few polysemous terms in poker.

There are a few polysemous terms in poker. One of them is Limit. This is the most commonly used term for the level of betting. Also, this term in cash games shows the value of 100 big blinds in dollars. Additionally, the word is used in the literal sense. NL in Poker, or No Limit, refers to bets and raises without Limit within the number of chips on the table by the player.

The concept of NL in poker

In the mindset of people far removed from poker, betting no limit means "playing all in." Often in movies, you can see participants in a hand taking wads of dollars out of their pockets with a carat or royal flush in hand.

Card entertainment is legalized both online such as goodwin am, and offline. There is a strict rule: the game is played only with chips on the table. In online poker rooms, the order is ensured by the program algorithm. If, on the other hand, someone tries to put chips into the game from his pocket, he will be kicked out at once and, most likely, without the right to visit the establishment in the future.

No Limit means to bet or raise within the stack. If there are not enough chips to equalize, the player is obliged to put the remainder.

The stack is all the poker player"s chips on his game box in the offline club or the amount indicated under the screen name in the online poker room.

When the right turn comes, the player can put any number of chips in the middle of the table, even the entire stack. If the deal has started, extra chips are not allowed. This is no-limit poker.

Overbet is a concept only for the NL. It means a Bet that exceeds the size of the Pot.

Online terms and definitions for No Limit:

NL $0.05/$0.10 - No-limit game with 5 and 10 cents blinds.
NL10 in poker is the same, but the number indicates the stack value of 100 big blinds (bb) in dollars.
Even if the table with blinds, for example, $1/$2 is allowed to be seated with a stack of 200 bb (Deep format) or if there is a limit on the maximum buy-in, for example, 40 or 50 bb, the poker room lobby will still say NL200.

What are the betting limits?

If you collect all the hands played in poker in 2022, 90% of them will be no limit. The remaining 5% is split among other formats.


The official designations are Fixed Limit, FL, or just Limit. This one is most often played in a tight circle. Three rules apply:

In each round of trading, the value of the first bet is strictly defined (fixed).
Raising is only possible by the value of the bet (flat).
In each round - no more than three raises.
The official rules of the clubs and poker rooms stipulate a difference in the size of the bet in the initial rounds and the last two games.