Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist-Jinyi Night Walk-Fengge Longlou

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It suddenly occurred to me, "Do you want to tell Master that I broke through the sixth pulse?"? He's been worried about it

It suddenly occurred to me, "Do you want to tell Master that I broke through the sixth pulse?"? He's been worried about it. Ye Xiaodi suddenly pulled my body. I had never seen such a serious Ye Xiaodi. His black eyes were shining with incomprehensible light. He said word by word: "I can't tell anyone!"! You are not allowed to tell anyone, including Shifu, do you understand? I'm the only one here these days, and I didn't let anyone know that you broke through the sixth pulse because you had to keep it secret! I was puzzled: "Why?"? Master has been trying to find a way. If I break through, he will be very happy. Ye Xiaodi shook his head: "If you don't want to stand on the cusp of the storm in the future, someone is eyeing you covetously all the time and even treating you as a rare commodity, you must keep it a secret.". In particular, you will unwittingly become a dangerous person, whether you are innocent or not, you may become the enemy of many people. So, you can't tell anyone, okay? I thought about it carefully. I broke out in a cold sweat and stammered, "Are you saying that you are guilty?" Ye Xiaodi nods: "Only one part, another part is, you also do not want to be taken to study?" Not willing. So I made a solemn oath to make Ye Xiaodi feel a little relieved. Well, it's a good thing, but it seems easy to turn bad. There are so many masters in Wulin who are eager to break through the sixth pulse and become a master in Wulin. As a result, I broke through and hid it from others. What does this mean? Show that the world is very realistic! If Wei Jiaju breaks through the sixth pulse, that is a good thing, and I will not have the same treatment,Stainless Steel Toilet China, this is the difference. Even in the world of Wulin, high martial arts do not represent strength. This is for Wulin Xiaobai to remember. Not only in Wulin, this principle is universally applicable. Please keep it in mind. After eating the second bowl of porridge, Ye Xiaodi massaged my muscles carefully. At this time, I suddenly remembered a question and hesitated for a long time:.. When I woke up, Why are you.. "I don't have to say that, do I?"? Although this question I am going to pretend to be hallucinated so confused in the past, but how to think about that,Time Delay Tap, do not ask really uncomfortable, ask.. And embarrassed 。 Ye Xiaodi's hand stiffened, and then he said calmly, "In the process of breaking through the sixth pulse, you sweat a lot, and your body also discharges a lot of toxins. Of course I have to clean and scrub you. What's so strange about that?" Oh, I see. I am relieved, but think of Ye Xiaodi to see me, or some awkward, my face is still some fire, en, pretend to sleep in the past, this matter. It's been exposed like this. I didn't notice the suspicious red on Ye Xiaodi's face at that time, and I wasn't so calm, Self-closing Faucet ,stainless steel shower tray, but I was embarrassed at that time and didn't notice it. It was not until I broke through the seventh vein that I knew that the latter three veins would discharge toxins from the body and clean and transform the body, but only for one day. This is the last word. By the time I went back to the martial arts hall for training, I could clearly feel that my body was completely different from before. These changes gradually deepened later. Is this the legendary rebirth? But others are very difficult to feel, only Ye Xiaodi can find my change, saying that my eyes are bright and restrained, without sharpness, but more clear and moist, temperament gradually calm and peaceful, restrained to sharp, the waves are not popular, but do not look like Wulin people. Ye Xiaodi explained that it was similar to a sword hidden in a scabbard and a treasure hidden in a box. It was too sharp and easy to break, so the artifact hid itself. I don't have any experience in this realm. Fortunately, I didn't turn the good-looking one into a passer-by, so I don't care. I still have a sense of vanity, and I certainly don't want to throw myself into a crowd that I can't see. As a result, martial arts practice to a high level, there will be other benefits, probably detoxification effect is good, feel better skin, even Jiang Shao was surprised to praise me more and more beautiful, sigh is the moisture of love, feel that they should also go to find love. Younger martial sisters thought that my temperament was getting better and better, and I had a feeling of elegant and refined, and I was unanimously awarded the most touching temperament award among all the handsome men I had ever seen. Wei Shao was the most perfect iceberg award, Ouyang Jing was the most elegant prince award, Ye Xiaodi was the sexiest seduction award, and Jiang Shao was the most gorgeous queen award. But certainly no one to accept the award, if spread to Jiang Shao's ears, a few younger martial sisters will certainly be punished to the sun and moon without light, but I deeply admire the keen intuition of Tanmei Wolf, linked to previous lives, Jiang Shao that attitude, gorgeous queen is really very appropriate. As for Ye Xiaodi's sexy temptation? That must be a mistake, Ye Xiaodi should be the Prince of Sunshine Award, but they have not seen Ye Xiaodi several times, there is a deviation is understandable. Because I had to prepare for the exchange competition, with master s permission, I would no longer go to the martial arts hall to be poisoned by the tanbi of the younger martial sisters. Martial arts had entered a new stage, and it was particularly important to practice. Ye Xiaodi became very abnormal. He often skipped classes to accompany me. If I was angry, I would promise him with a cheeky smile that he would not be pawned. Of course, I knew he was smart. Probably all smart children are like this. Although I practice very diligently, I am often pulled to play everywhere. Ye Xiaodi carefully prepares all kinds of wonderful holiday tours. I sometimes think that his wandering when he was a child may not be due to the hard and pitiful search for relatives, but to enjoy the mountains and rivers of the motherland. He has been a donkey friend since he was a child, although the configuration is not good. When I stay at home, he is also around me like a puppy. Even if I practice there, he also sits aside, sometimes reading,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, sometimes writing documents, always in my line of sight. Maybe it was the last time he fell asleep that he had sequelae. He would look for me when he couldn't see me for a while. I felt that his expression was like an abandoned puppy. I couldn't help but want to tease him and laugh at his expression. What if I knew it was a time of departure? Will I still be so happy? But how am I supposed to know? I never thought that one day Ye Xiaodi would leave. When I picked him up like a puppy, I thought we would always be together. I never thought Ye Xiaodi would leave. He left a simple letter and disappeared. There was no news at all.