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"Yes, General!" Zhou Yu answered in a loud voice with an expressionless face. Tactical rehearsal number two. Du Shaoqing said indifferently

"Yes, General!" Zhou Yu answered in a loud voice with an expressionless face. Tactical rehearsal number two. Du Shaoqing said indifferently, "Let me ask you a question. When your military mecha battalion goes straight to the bottom of Silent Hill, how do you deal with it if the 7th Division gives up its reserve and does not provide support, runs through the N3 channel with an armored brigade, and attacks your camp?" In the middle of the field, which had been quiet all the time, the atmosphere suddenly changed, because all the officers, including the drillmaster standing outside, could hear that this division commander Du Shaoqing, who was known for his tactical deduction and resourcefulness, was actually preparing to speak. An officer's brain today, to prove to the public that the 7th Division today gave these officers the heaviest blow to their self-confidence. Zhou Yu, however, was not timid at all. His eyes were suddenly bright. He answered in a clear voice: "The drillmaster said that the MX mecha is the best at surprise attack. Our army rushed down to the rescue along the water. It took 34 minutes to end the battle, and 12 minutes to return to the camp. Within 46 minutes, the armored brigade of the 7th Division could not penetrate the area: = 124." "Why not?" Du Shaoqing looked at him coldly. Because the road is not easy to walk,Flushometer valve, report to the general. Zhou Yu played a rare nifty, it seems that he is gentle and courteous, for the aggressive Du Shaoqing also gave birth to a trace of disgust. When he heard him talking about the drillmaster earlier, Xu Le was bowing his head and smiling, but when he heard this sentence, his smile was even stronger. Du Shaoqing, however,Concealed Flush Valve, was not touched. He was neither angry nor laughing. He asked coldly, "Why is it difficult to walk?" Zhou Yu was slightly stunned and replied, "The area is all mountainous, and the armored brigade is not suitable for rapid advance in this landform, and.." The commander of the 7th Division should also consider that the terrain is easy to be blocked by individual armed forces, and the damage rate is too high. "There is no need to consider the damage rate in war." Du Shaoqing said in a cold voice with a clear rhythm: On the side of Area 124, there is an access road used by the General Assembly Base for the maintenance of the radar station. Although it has been out of use for 20 years, the armored brigade forced its way through without any problem. As soon as this remark was made, there was a sudden sound of cold air in the quiet field. Who would have thought that Du Shaoqing would know about a maintenance road that had been out of use for 20 years? I'm afraid even the chief logistics officer of the base can't say the location of the sidewalk so lightly. Zhou Yu's eyes shrank slightly. She felt a little nervous and incredible. She frowned slightly. After a moment of silence, she said: "The sidewalk is not marked on the map provided by the exercise headquarters." "You officers have been on this base for eight months." "It was only three days ago that the 7th Division received the order for the exercise," said Du Shaoqing in a deep voice. The 7th Division is from the 3rd Galaxy. It took them only three days to find this abandoned passage, but you don't know. Is this an excuse? Zhou Yu frowned and thought for a long time, Service Sink Faucets ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, confirming that if the armored brigade of the 7th Division could use this passage, the situation of today's military exercise would indeed be greatly reversed, but who would have thought that the people of the 7th Iron Division would know more about the terrain of the military exercise area than they did! …… Preparations for the battlefield, as expected, is the most important thing, is it really the other side's release of water today, the troops under their command can get a barely qualified result? With this in mind, Zhou Yu frowned even more. He said very seriously, "Even if the armored brigade can use this passage that we don't know, how can they find the camp of the joint column?"? I've set up triple electronic jamming barriers in advance, and the filtering and camouflage of satellite signals have been completed. He raised his head, looked at Du Shaoqing's cold side face, and said: "The camouflage radius of the armored brigade is not big. After I see them, the MX mecha that returns to the rescue can cooperate with the single infantry in advance and scatter them before they come to me." Why can't you show up at your camp? Forget all that stuff you learned in the first house. Du Shaoqing said in a cold voice, "Your electronic barriers are as dense as an old woman's underwear. I don't know whether you are afraid of the cold or the spring, but I don't know how many layers you have laid.." There is the simplest truth on the battlefield, just like being a man, the most controversial thing you want to protect is the most vulnerable and important place for the enemy. ” "Any piece of civilian equipment can show the weirdness of your area. Even if you don't know what you're hiding, you always know that it's your key." Cold sweat gradually oozed from Zhou Yu's back. He suddenly looked up and retorted, "You are gambling with the armored brigade. If I deliberately use the triple electronic barrier as camouflage to attract the armored brigade into the ambush.." With great displeasure, Du Shaoqing waved his hand to cut off his words and said in a cold voice, "All the troops in your hands are pinned down on the eastern front of Silent Hill. Where are the extra troops to ambush?"? Even if the armored brigade doesn't touch your camp, how many people do you think the joint column can survive today when it comes out from there, goes around to your rear and cooperates with the main force of the 7th Division? "More importantly." Du Shaoqing looked at Zhou Yu indifferently, emphasized his tone, and said with a sense of oppression, "Where is your camp?"! Soldiers must dare to gamble on the battlefield. Soldiers without gambling are doomed to accomplish nothing. Zhou Yu lowered his head slowly, tightened his eyebrows and thought for a long time. He raised his head firmly and said, "Even if the armored brigade comes, I can use the changing front formation to retreat urgently. As long as I can drag it back to the mecha battalion, this battle.." There's still a fight to be made. "12o447 area, how much power do you have?"? A unit of the 7th Division is watching there. Without thinking, Du Shaoqing said coldly. Zhou Yu thought for a while and answered, "But the 12o446 area is still in my hands. The highest altitude here is 1245 meters. Your attack helicopter group does not have much power." Du Shaoqing said with an expressionless face, "Your MX is on the way back to help. Although the m52 of the 7th Division is stupid, it's not that you can't walk on the mountain road at all." Zhou Yu was stunned, frowning and thinking for a long time. …… There is no terminal computer, no light curtain display, no map coordinates, fire deployment values, and no modern tools. The most brilliant division commander in the Federation,Time Delay Faucet, and the strong tactical deduction in the new generation of officers, only rely on their own brain memory and understanding of the battlefield troops, to carry out verbal deduction operations.