The End of Beauty Dream in Troubled Times

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At this time, he Tian turned over. And pressed her little face into his crotch. "Come on," he said with a lewd smile

At this time, he Tian turned over. And pressed her little face into his crotch. "Come on," he said with a lewd smile, "didn't you say your kung fu was unique in the Six Kingdoms? Let me have a good time! At this time, He Ying was far away from her. It's within reach! Under Meiji's tongue skills, he Tian gradually gasped more and more deeply, and his eyes became blurred. Has been listening to He Ying, suddenly found that the hidden breath of a mess, and then, slowly in the disappearance. Heart exultation: Yes, the man can not stand, he is to avoid! This opportunity comes once in a blue moon. In an instant, He Ying got the Black Sword! With a whoosh, the black sword drew a black cold light and stabbed He Tianguang on his naked back! At the same time as she thrust her sword, suddenly, behind her, a strange cold light came at the same time. He Ying never thought that there was a great master in the room! Startled, she bit her teeth and said, "Even if you are seriously injured, you will kill He Tian!"! The closer she got to He Tian, the more she found that He Tian was too terrible and too cautious. If you don't succeed this time, it will be more difficult to find opportunities in the future. The man was quick, but he Ying was too close. In a twinkling of an eye, the black sword was behind He Tiandi, and the tip of the sword cut the skin! A few exclamations came at the same time, He Tian is a master after all, when the crisis, his body side, out of the way of the vital! He Ying a heavy sword, He Tian's blood shot out. Behind the sword move has arrived, a penetrating chill to He Ying hit! In a flash of lightning,Coil nail machine, He Ying also saw He Tian in a flash, has avoided the vital point! Her heart flashed like lightning: it would be too late to kill him again. Forget it, it's important for me to save my life! Think of here. As soon as she closed her body, the black sword in her hand was pulled out! The man's sword move was so fast that it was almost a light smoke, and it had already rushed behind He Ying. He stabbed He Ying's vest with a heavy sword. Where to know, the sword stabbed down, but there is no sense of force. He thought to himself, "He is such a master!"! He Ying's body flashed, and with a wave of the black sword in his hand, he blocked the second sword from the man's attack. At the same time, her body bounced and jumped out of the window! There was a "bang" and the sound of the broken window came out. He Ying's body rolled on the spot, his feet bounced and jumped, and then disappeared into the night sky. As soon as she disappeared, a man in black rushed out. Looked at the direction of her departure, a slight hesitation, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, or returned to the hall: "At this time he Tian has been seriously injured, he can be the most important!"! How sharp is the Black Sword? He Tian was greatly hurt even when he was in danger. He fell to the ground bleeding and dying. The sound of He Ying breaking the window woke up the people who were protecting He Tian. Therefore, while her figure was thrown into the jungle, there were also several figures flying towards her like lightning. He Ying's robe is light-colored, but she wears tight underwear inside. Most of the robe had just been removed, but she pulled it off and threw it away. In this way, she is safe again. At this time, suddenly came a few screams: "There is an assassin ah-" "Ah-" "Help-" but the two people and a few maids, after a little shock, finally found their own voice out. As soon as the voice came, it broke the silence of the Qi Palace. Almost at the same time, countless figures emerged and countless feet sounded. Hearing these footsteps, He Ying was not surprised but pleased: "Great!"! These people can cover my tracks. Sure enough, after a while, the figure in hot pursuit disappeared in He Ying's perception. He Ying came to a rockery and took out a man's robe from the mustard seeds and put it on. It was too dark for her to change her face. But he Ying's face is like this, changing into men's clothes is a young man. She walked out in a big way, and the guards jumped all the way and saw her without any doubt. From time to time, you can hear someone asking, "Did you see a woman running out of here?" He Ying's face was extremely handsome, but because it was in the dark, the guards who were preoccupied did not notice that she was also a man. In this way, she had a near miss all the way to the garden. When she was about to leave the palace, she suddenly found that there were many top experts inside and outside the palace wall. These masters are firmly guarding every important crossing! Chapter 262 lively evening. Netizens upload chapter 262 lively night. He Ying came to the fifth place where it was easy to get away, and was scared off. There was a hubbub of voices in the palace, and from time to time there were shouts of checking the number of people. He Ying at this time has given up the plan to escape. In any case, she still has a trump card, after all, she can transfigure. Thinking of this, she slowly retreated into the garden, and just then she saw a group of guards striding towards the door. He Ying's body flashed and hid in the woods beside them. When they walked past a tree, he Ying flashed out like a ghost, and when people were not paying attention, he clasped a man's mouth and neck, thus dragging him into the woods. When she came out again, she had already changed her clothes. She did these movements so neatly that no one noticed them when she hurried a few steps to keep up with the crowd. Arriving at the palace gate, a group of bodyguards came out. Seeing them, they couldn't help laughing and said, "Laocai, is it your turn to go out?" The chief, who was at the head of the guards, sighed and said, "Yes, we met an assassin. The king ordered us to arrange our hands in the royal city to prevent her from escaping.". Damn it, don't want to sleep tonight! The guard who asked the question sighed and said, "I've been looking forward to seeing you two perform for many years.". Unexpectedly, the last time I went to the city, I was disturbed, and this time I went to the palace, it was the same. At this point, his face became strange. Not only him,Nail machine supplier, but all the people's faces became strange. Everyone knows that the guest who was injured just now was injured at the same time with two of you and three maids, Yan Hao. What is the style of these two people? He actually hugged left and right to enjoy the beauty, and he enjoyed it before the first king of Qi. There's something strange about this! Although there are doubts in everyone's mind. But no one dares to say anything about it.