True love is between the supporting roles of quick wear

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Listen to that voice is a young man, it is estimated that he is provoked which rich children, he is how to think

Listen to that voice is a young man, it is estimated that he is provoked which rich children, he is how to think, he has no money to compensate him ah! Hearing the man coming out of the bathroom, Yang Xuer forced herself to raise her head: "Sir, I didn't mean to. Can I wash the shirt for you?" Obviously afraid to death, the body is against the door, just to escape, the little guy still did not change anything, meticulous face across a casual smile, to change the shirt thrown to her, "tomorrow afternoon also to the riverside courtyard, my name is Lin Yang, to ask the security guard." I don't lose money! "Ah!" Yang Xuer stared at her round eyes, "Sir, really?"? Just wash it clean? "Well," Lin Yang opened the door,secondary containment pallet, "now, we should go to the banquet." "Sir, you are a good man, I will send it to you tomorrow after I wash it." Yang Xuer blushed happily, her eyes narrowed into a lovely seam when she was a child. She grabbed her shirt and ran out. "I have to work. See you tomorrow, sir!" The hug and cry after the reunion of brother and sister! We agreed to tell each other our hearts! What about the sweet honey! God,plastic pallet suppliers, this script is not right! (ToT)/~ ~ ~ # I can never guess the script of the male God # Some system that feels that it has nothing to do except to occasionally come out to prompt the likability is going to give up on itself!] [The next day, the guard of the riverside villa] "Are you looking for Mr. Lin to apply for the job?"! Right over there! That is Mr. Lin's private villa! The security guard grinned and pointed the way, "Thirty thousand a month is to clean the house and cook. It's easy and the salary is high. You have to refuel!" No, no, I'm not! Wait Yang Xue'er's eyes brightened when she heard the second half of the sentence! Really? Thirty thousand a month! "Yes, aren't you here to apply for a job?" The security guard uncle looked puzzled. Why did the little girl run so fast? Also, didn't Mr. Lin tell someone who applied for this job to ask him his address? Wasn't it this little girl? The big man's mind is really hard to guess! . "Sir!"! This is a dress! Yang Xuer handed over the clothes in her arms. "You can have a look. It's very clean.". I've been doing housework for as long as I can remember, and I can do all the housework! You can also test my actual combat ability now! "So.." The gentleman seemed to have a puzzled look on his face, and forgave the baby Cher for not being able to figure out the ice face. " I want to be your servant! The one with thirty thousand yuan a month! Yang Xuer, who spoke out her declaration of love (seeking), opened her eyes wide in anticipation. OK The Author Has Something to Say: [Fanwai Small Theater II] [About Evil Smile] Some system, is holding the ruler: greatly, ibc spill containment pallet ,ibc spill pallet, said good final evil charm smile? Lin Lanqing: No. Some system: What bossy president novel did I see to you these a few years read in vain? Your female companion was taken away by the president! For your happiness, think of that year, I put up with all kinds of hardships, thousands of choices, painstakingly picked so many classic works ah! ヽ(≧≦)ノ Lin Lanqing: Too useless. A system: What! Lin Lanqing seriously took out the facial simulation software: "You can tell me which corner of the mouth is raised how high, how long, and the changes in facial muscles." Such virtual vocabulary is too loose. A system: Should I praise the professionalism of the host? (~ ~) But I can't do it, I still want to break things!!! Then, an egg bounces (falls) back and forth in the system space with respect and dedication. See click should be someone read, but why no one squeak, good pain, good loneliness ~ ~ ~ to comfort the reader! The Mountain Sister Who Was Cannon Fodder (5) "You can pack up and move in tomorrow." Lin Yang turned sideways, "sign the contract first." "What!"! Stay here! Yang Xuer thought it was just a job similar to a part-time worker. Thinking of her mother at home, she could not help hesitating. Her little face, which had been elated because of her consent, collapsed. It was useless to take care of her mother with a high salary. "Yes, I need a round-the-clock servant. Food and accommodation are provided here." Lin Yang stopped. "What's the inconvenience?" No, it's fine here, but I have to take care of my mother. Can I go home at night? Sir, my mother is not well. She can't leave me. Yang Xuer wrinkled her little face and lowered her head. No way. This job is not suitable for her. It's useless to force her. "It's all right, sir. I'm too greedy. Thank you, sir. I.." Lin Yang is about to be left behind by the stupid system in his head! Stay! "Never mind, if your mother and you live in a room, I don't mind more than one person in the family, if your mother also works in my house, I can also give your mother some pay." "Ah, grin!"! Did I hear you right, sir! My mom can come over, too! Yang Xuer surprised for a while after feeling that such treatment is not quite normal, looking at each other's serious eyes, feeling a kind of rush to come and go in a sense of familiarity. Seeing that Yang Xue'er could not believe it, Lin Yang sighed. The silly girl who was almost coaxed away by human traffickers because of a candy in those days had grown up. Her eyelids drooped slightly. Although this was the pain she should have suffered, she had her own fault after all. She explained with a faint face: "I come from G country. This is the place I just bought. I live alone. The house is bigger." There is also a courtyard, which is a lot of work every day. You can choose to believe me. "May I have a look at the contract?" Yang Xuer hesitated to say that she felt that the other party was a good person and should not deceive herself, and that she had no money and no power. She had plenty of money, and the other party looked better than herself. What was she afraid of? She was not blind. Certainly, miss. Just a moment. Lin Yang went into the living room to get a printed contract, and wrote down his contact information on the contract, "You can take it away and discuss with your mother,plastic pallet containers, I hope you can give me a reply tomorrow." "Well, thank you, sir. I'll get back to you as soon as I can." 。