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Now the Dragon Palace wants to unify the whole Dragon Island, naturally need to completely annex their small forces

Now the Dragon Palace wants to unify the whole Dragon Island, naturally need to completely annex their small forces, to create some pressure on them, is also a matter of course. In the past few days, he had also seen the leaders of several other forces, and their situation was the same as his own. Faced with the solicitation of the Dragon Palace, he dared not offend them on the one hand, and did not want to agree on the other, so he had been dragging his feet without giving a specific answer. The Dragon Palace did not say anything about this on the surface, but the action in the dark is absolutely not small! Like these restless idle saints in the Dark Cloud Temple, if they were not inspired by the Dragon Palace, how could they compete with them when they were full and had nothing to do? Faced with this situation, what Muyun can do is to show his strong side as much as possible, and this is also decided by several of their small forces after discussion. As long as they show a strong side, even if they are eventually annexed by the Dragon Palace, they can at least get more benefits in the Dragon Palace, and they will not disappear soon after joining! For this reason, Muyun also mercilessly ordered to go down, let the following disciples are strong, don't be afraid of trouble, big deal when the time comes to join the Dragon Palace, the trouble will naturally be transferred to the Dragon Palace. To be honest, Muyun didn't want the Dark Cloud Palace he had worked so hard to build to be annexed, but now there was no way,precision welded tubes, they were no match for the Dragon Palace at all! In the case of helplessness, Muyun can only endure this bad breath, but it is impossible to make him willing, so even if it is to do something very meaningless, he is also happy! "Dragon Palace!" Muyun, sitting alone in the hall, whispered with a gnashing of teeth. At this time, there was a sudden sound of rapid footsteps outside,side impact door beams, and the sound of footsteps from far to near soon reached the outside of the Dark Cloud Hall. Big brother, something's wrong! He ran in, and the anxious Lord of the two halls rushed directly into the hall. As soon as Muyun saw his second brother's hurried appearance, he immediately clapped his hands on the seat handle, and his body appeared in front of his second brother in an instant. //《》.《// "Say, what happened? Is someone from the Dragon Palace?" As soon as Muyun saw his second brother's anxious appearance, he instinctively thought of the Dragon Palace. But the two temple owners who stopped shook their heads, indicating that it was not the Dragon Palace that had come, but something else. No, big brother, it was our people who were killed! Now there are several Dharma protectors in the past, but I'm afraid they can't hold up the scene, the strength of the other side is very strong! "What?" As soon as Muyun heard that his men had been killed, he flew into a rage. Muyun, who was very angry because of the Dragon Palace, heard the news and added fuel to the fire. The twisted face fully illustrated his mood at this time. Go! Take me to have a look, I want to see, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, who dares to run wild on the territory of my dark cloud temple! Muyun, with a furious look on his face, directly pulled the Lord of the two temples out of the palace. Blood stained the ground, some broken weapons were inserted in disorder on the ground, and the panic crowd in the distance looked at the men and women standing proudly in the field with frightened faces. Yi Chi looked helplessly at the crowd around him and turned to look at Yu Fei. You don't have to kill them all! Helplessly looked at the bodies on the ground, these are the people of the dark cloud temple, but also some belong to the onlookers, but they all died in the hands of Yufei. Very simple, very fast, just one move, this close to hundreds of people will all lose their lives. Originally these people around Yi Chi two people, although there is no excessive action, but surrounded by not let them go, which makes Yi Chi very angry, so let Yu Fei teach them a lesson, thinking that the lesson is over. Yi Chi did not want to cause trouble, mainly because the Dragon Palace of the Dragon Island seemed to intend to annex these small forces and wanted to unify the Dragon Island. Yi Chi didn't care about the Dark Cloud Palace, but he didn't care about the Dragon Palace! Yi Chi didn't know much about the Dragon Palace, which was limited to the information introduced in the materials he bought, but this alone was enough to make Yi Chi not want to offend others. It's a pity that he didn't expect Yufei to be so direct. Why didn't he find it before? Originally just want to let her hand to teach the dark cloud temple, who knows she directly shot to kill, but also kill more, even those who are close to the point are also affected, bad luck directly died, strength is not enough to die directly, good luck and a little strength, is now seriously injured on the ground, a face of horror staring at the two of them. Helpless, Yi Chi extremely helpless, but the matter has come to this point, it seems that it can not be said to be a mistake? In the face of Yi Chi's slightly helpless face, Yu Fei's heart was a burst of laughter, but on the surface it was a cold look, just nodded. Forget it, just kill it! Shaked his head, anyway killed, Yi Chi did not want to say anything, now it is important to leave here directly. However, as soon as the idea of Yi Chi came out of his mind, it was immediately killed mercilessly. 'Whew! '' Whew! '' Whew. ' The sound of hundreds of broken air sounded in succession, and the figures all fell on the ground in a murderous manner, knowing at a glance that the comers were not good! "It seems that we can't go!" Looking at the man's eyes full of murderous look, Yi Chi wanted to know with his feet that it must be the people of the Dark Cloud Palace. Sure enough, after these people fell, a leader immediately came out and asked, "Did you kill the people in our Dark Cloud Temple?" Hearing this, the crowd of onlookers in the vicinity immediately retreated for some distance again, and they all saw what happened to those who had just watched at close range! In the face of the other side's question, Yi Chi just nodded gently. Now that this kind of thing has been done, there is nothing to deny, admit it, although Yi Chi does not want to cause trouble,aluminium coated tubes, but now provoked out, want to hide also can not ah! In that case, it is better to admit it openly!.