On the ground and underground

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Lying in bed, Liu Kehao did not fall asleep immediately, and his mind was full of the shadow of Wang Yingxiang.

Lying in bed, Liu Kehao did not fall asleep immediately, and his mind was full of the shadow of Wang Yingxiang. Before that, they had lived under the same roof for so long that they had not felt anything, but now that they were separated, her appearance was stubbornly reflected in his mind again and again, and could not be removed. That night, he didn't sleep well. Several times, he had the illusion that he had returned to Juntong Station, and Wang Yingxiang was sleeping in the room inside at the moment. The next morning, Liu Kehao set out. He and the guards rode a horse separately, and at the moment of departure, Wang Yingxiang ran out of the hostel. He thought she had something to do with him, so he jumped down from his horse and waited for her to approach. But she said to him, "Nothing.". He smiled and looked at Wang Yingxiang, who was dressed in a military uniform and had a valiant bearing. He couldn't stand up to her. He whispered, You look much more beautiful than Wang Xiaofeng now. She blushed: "*** you, that's because you look down on people.". Finish saying, know oneself is improper, busy say again, I can not scold your meaning, it is I can not speak. He blinked carelessly and got on the horse. He said on horseback: Comrade Wang Yingxiang, we will see you on the battlefield. With that, he ran forward. She watched him disappear from her view. Looking at the way Liu Kehao whipped the horse, she thought of Li Zhi again. Chapter 14 Yellow Flowers in the Battlefield When the battle to liberate Jinan began, the advance regiment led by Liu Kehao took the lead in connecting fire with the enemy's outlying troops. Knowing the enemy's military deployment like the palm of one's hand, the advance group soon got in through the enemy's soft underbelly. The follow-up troops also launched a siege according to the plan. The rescue team led by Wang Yingxiang had been following the siege force, so the two men had not met since they were separated. In the past few days, Wang Yingxiang has completed the role transformation. She is no longer the wife of the enemy adjutant Qiao Tianchao, but a field commander, with a canteen and a bullet bag slung across her left shoulder and the captured short gun in her waist. She had been hiding the gun when it was in Jinan, and she was afraid that Liu Kehao would make a fuss when he knew it. It was not until she returned that she took out her gun and had the following conversation with Division Commander Lu: I captured this gun from a traitor. It's made in the United States. It's really good! Division Commander Lu opened his eyes wide and looked at the gun. Then he held it in his hand and looked at it again. Then he put down the gun and said, Comrade Wang Yingxiang, you have already made a mistake in executing a traitor without the permission of the organization. Now you are hiding a gun. This is a mistake on top of a mistake! Without lifting her eyelids, Wang Yingxiang said, "I know. I wrote an inspection for this matter and asked the organization to punish me.". But the gun belongs to me. It's been with me for months. We both have feelings. With his hands behind his back, Division Commander Lu glanced at Wang Yingxiang and then at the gun on the table. Wang Yingxiang was not their teacher before. He didn't know much about her, but he knew her name. Wang Yingxiang's legendary experience was almost well-known in central and southern Shandong. Although Wang Yingxiang has gone through a dangerous experience, he has returned unscathed, which can not be said to be another legend. He admired the woman in front of him, and when his superiors instructed him to arrange a suitable job for Wang Yingxiang in the division, cold drawn tubes ,beam impact tubes, he had a premonition that it was a hot potato, but on the other hand, it was also a good piece of steel! Since it is good steel, it must be used on the edge of the knife. Sure enough, as soon as Wang Yingxiang came out, he kicked a difficult ball in front of him. To tell you the truth, Division Commander Lu, who was used to fighting north and south, liked this girl with edges and corners very much. He walked around the room with his hands behind his back and then walked around again. Then he said with a smile, Comrade Wang Yingxiang, aren't you afraid that I will report this matter of hiding guns to my superiors? "I'm not afraid," said Wang Yingxiang with iron mouth and steel teeth! It's my business to hide the gun or not, and it's your business to report it or not. Although her words were accompanied by a gun and a stick, Mr. Lu was still not angry at all, but appreciated her more and more. So he waved his hand and said, "You never told me about the gun, and I don't know about the gun.". When Wang Yingxiang heard this, he grabbed the gun from the table and put it in his waist. With great joy, he saluted Division Commander Lu: Thank you, Division Commander. Division Commander Lu turned around and said, Why do you thank me? If you want to thank Liu Kehao, he didn't report you. Wang Yingxiang laughed and said, He doesn't know that either. Speaking of Liu Kehao, she did not know what had happened to her during this period of time. His shadow was always dancing in front of her eyes. Of course, Li Zhi was also dangling in front of her eyes. As soon as she returned to the team, she was inquiring about Li Zhi's news. Knowing that he was fighting in Zhengzhou, she put down her hanging heart. Zhengzhou is not far from Jinan, perhaps when Jinan is liberated, she can see Li Zhi. While she was thinking about Li Zhi, she was also thinking about Liu Kehao, and she herself could not tell what was going on. Wang Yingxiang finally met Liu Kehao again. That was half a month after they separated. The Tsinan Campaign is drawing to a close, and the battle has reached such an extent that it is already a chaotic situation in which the enemy has us and we have the enemy. From the west to the east, and from the east to the south, Liu Kehao's advance team had already made several rounds in the city of Jinan. The enemy troops were first lost, but when they could no longer hold their ground, they fled in all directions. The senior commanders had already fled with their families to Nanking and Chungking, leaving only a few junior officers to supervise the battle and resist, trying to delay the liberation of Tsinan. Wang Yingxiang's ambulance team has been in and out of the battlefield countless times. The field hospital was first built outside the city, and as the troops entered the city, the field hospital moved forward. Entering the stage of street fighting, the number of casualties is increasing, as early as before the battle, the ambulance team set up a reserve team, composed of some strong villagers. Weapons and ammunition dropped by the enemy were everywhere. Wang Yingxiang soon armed the semi-military and semi-civilian ambulance team. She knew that she had no right to speak without weapons on the battlefield. Sure enough, these armed rescue team members came in handy at the critical moment. In the southern suburbs of Jinan,side impact door beams, the troops encountered the most fierce resistance of the enemy, which was the enemy's blocking force, whose task was to cover the main force fleeing to the southern front. cbiesautomotive.com