Medical Concubine is priceless, the wife of King Leng.

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As soon as she said this Mo Qingfeng rejected it in a deep voice and said "Well the Mohist ancestors have a precept

As soon as she said this Mo Qingfeng rejected it in a deep voice and said "Well the Mohist ancestors have a precept that the Mohist Treasure Book should not be read by outsiders So I can't agree with this I'd like to ask Lord Mo to mention something else" The Mohist Treasure Book records all kinds of formations and machine arts as well as all the arts of Qi and Huang Once this book is circulated their Mohism will become less mysterious and they will lose more opportunities to negotiate with outsiders which will put the Mohist people Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals in danger The Mohist people can rest assured when they grow up My brother said that he just looked at it and would never pass on the contents My brother is more talented in this Maybe he can help the Mohist family to relieve the bottleneck Tang Yue praised himself rudely without blushing However it was looked down upon by a crowd What a shameless woman! Praise yourself for being restrained Mo Qingfeng twisted his eyebrows and kept silent Obviously he still didn't want to hand over the Mohist treasure book This secret book is the life of their Mohist family How can it be easily handed over to others My brother said that if the head of the Mohist clan did not agree then he would ask the head of the Mohist clan to invite another superior and I would not accompany him Tang Yue added a handful of strong medicine and then gently lobbied "a secret book and the happy life of the people in Beishui are more important than others The head of the Mohist clan must have a pretty good idea Besides my brother also said that she would not reveal the things in the secret book Maybe she could find out some flaws in the Mohist organs and formations so that they could be perfected So why not" Mo Qingfeng pondered for a moment then clenched his fists and nodded "Well Mo agreed Princess Li please say the third condition" She's right The Mohist Treasure Book is to protect the people of Beishui What's the use of keeping the Mohist Treasure Book without the people Besides with Mo Tianya's cleverness maybe he can really come up with a way to perfect the Mohist treasure book Now he only hopes that Mo Tianya can keep his promise and not tell others what's inside Third she hasn't thought of it yet When she thinks of it she will inform the head of the Mohist clan At that time the head of the Mohist clan will just agree The head of the Mo clan can rest assured that my brother will not make very harsh demands Tang Yue said slowly Not harsh the first two which do not want his old life Mo Qingfeng even if there are all kinds of dissatisfaction in the heart but the face is readily agreed "well in the future as long as Mo can use Mo Mo will help" "Good" Tang Yue nodded and said with a gentle smile "I will tell my brother the exact words of the head of the Mohist clan" Mo Qingfeng "…" He wished she could forget it Just then a man's voice came in "Dad I want to marry Tang" Mo Beilin entered the hall When he saw the people sitting inside he immediately swallowed the words on his lips and ran excitedly to Tang Yue "Brother Tang so you are here I have something to tell you" Looking at the simple idiot in front of him Tang Yue held his forehead helplessly He didn't have to say that she could guess what he wanted to say He took a glance at a certain prince As she thought a certain prince was now brewing a thunderous anger Feng Junyao stared coldly at Mo Beilin with a pair of quiet eyes GlobalChemMall and his eyes shot like ice skates but it seemed to be of no use to the simple-minded Mo Beilin But Mo Qingfeng who has a deep mind can naturally see that Feng Junyao doesn't like his second son He shouldn't say that he doesn't like him but that he hates him or hates him to the extreme If he wasn't here he would slap Lin away Liner don't be rude to Princess Li Come here quickly Mo Qingfeng said in a cold voice that he had only one son left Naturally he didn't want him to have an accident In case King Li hurt someone he couldn't say anything Dad who is Princess Li The child is not unreasonable to Princess Li Mo Beilin looked at his father innocently with a blank look on his face Mo Qingfeng immediately choked in his throat "" The Tang brothers in front of you are Princess Li Alas how could he have such a stupid son If Leier were here he would not have pulled the son out of his house with only the mechanism array in his mind It turns out that the Tang brothers are Princess Li "At this time Mo Beilin suddenly said" Tang brothers are now the wife of King Li and naturally they are Princess Li If Tang brothers marry me in the future then they can become Mrs Mo Ershao Compared with Princess Li Mrs Mo Ershao sounds better " "Mo Beilin get out of here!" When Mo Qingfeng heard his words he was so angry that he almost lost his breath No wonder King Li hated him so much It turned out that he had run over and asked for a woman! In the past Liner's mind was just simple but now he pretends to do some messy things No in the Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals future we must help Lin Er get rid of this dirty behavior of robbing other people's daughter-in-law but how to change it Mo Qingfeng thought a little suddenly understood the reason must be because Lin Er to the marriageable age can not stand the attraction of the opposite sex and Princess Li such a gentle and beautiful woman is the object of many men like just in love Lin Er was attracted by her very normal Now as long as Lin Er to find a more beautiful than Princess Li woman let Lin Er taste the taste between men and women I believe it will be transferred from Princess Li As a result Mo Beilin was calculated by his father without knowing it and later made a series of funny things Mo Beilin looked at his father who loved him since childhood with grievance "Dad why do you want the child to roll The child just wants to go to the Tang brothers Is this wrong" "You you" Mo Qingfeng was so angry that he could not speak and almost lost his breath Tang Yue was extremely depressed However he patiently explained to Mo Beilin who had zero emotional intelligence quotient "Brother Mo I am someone else's wife now Naturally I can't marry you again And you only want to marry me because I am familiar with array and machine skills right In fact as friends we can also discuss and study together We don't have to be husband and wife" He wants to marry her No wonder I want to compete with her not because I really like her Mo Beilin frowned slightly and muttered "But I still want to marry you I don't know why I really want to be with you" 。