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But one side of the orchid you if two female but still in the whole body concentrated on the manipulation of the law

Mi Xian Lu

But one side of the orchid you if two female but still in the whole body concentrated on the manipulation of the law array seems not to worry about the master Just as the magic hand was about to catch it the gray flame was about to come and the swarm of insects was only about ten feet in front of the side the ice wind Jiao gently swung its tail and in an instant Zhao Di and his Jiao disappeared in the same place and appeared in front of more than twenty feet away in the blink of an eye Three kinds of attacks collided together Electronic Chemicals the magic hand caught a lot of green strange insects and many strange insects were touched by the gray flame immediately panicked around but soon burned to ashes Old corpse monster don't remove the corpse fire! Flower old demon this time not only failed to intercept Zhao but there are many strange insects were killed by the terrible power of the gray corpse fire heartache The magic hand turned into a black gas and dissipated After a cold hum the corpse took the gray flame back into his body The three of them watched helplessly as Zhao stepped on the ice wind and escaped into the law array Is this the wind escape in the rumor The old flower demon was startled temporarily forgetting the loss of the spirit insect and looked at the light green dragon's eyes adding a bit of greed The old corpse monster also murmured in his heart "This boy has such a strange way of escaping No wonder Elder Liu met with an accident I'm afraid it was this man who made a surprise attack" Not only Zhao but also the yuan Ying monks of the six factions had almost all fled back to the law array after they had just handed over to the yuan Ying monks of the evil way After all one against two or in the face of medium-term monks are extremely dangerous things where these old monsters dare to take this risk Only Ling Mufeng is still fighting with the Evil Eye Demon King one by one Ling Mufeng used several powerful magic weapons in one breath including the golden bell the bronze mirror the gold ring and his magic weapon of life-the wrong gold chain while the evil eye demon king was just wrapped in a thick black gas constantly turning into a black giant fist which easily defused the attacks of various magic weapons of the other side Especially the evil eye demon king's eyes is the statement of the "evil pupil" from time to time become dark eyes let Ling Mufeng a look suddenly a dark mind although the time is very short but also very terrible two times almost hit the other side of the huge fist attack the situation is very critical After a few rounds Ling Mufeng also has no fighting spirit the body is in a hurry to escape also hid in the big array Zhao ordered the troops to fire a salvo and immediately there were countless salamanders mixed with hundreds of blazing arrows flying out preventing the other side of the yuan Ying period monks from approaching and attacking the law array mask Although these methods do little harm to the monks of yuan Ying period the number is too large and the old monsters of evil ways have to fly away to avoid the edge temporarily At this moment I and other six factions can only have a chance if they have all the means together Younger Martial Brother Wan I want to use the treasure of Zhenzong-the blood of the Holy Spirit of You Tianzhen Do you agree Ling Mufeng an old man frowned deeply and looked solemn GlobalChemMall as if he had made a great determination The matter has come to this point If this battle is lost Tianyou Zong is bound to be unable to recover Brother Ling just try! The monk's face changed slightly and after a moment of hesitation he nodded his approval You Tianzhen Saint's Spirit Blood Guizong really has this thing Since Guizong is willing to take out this treasure although we are not a great school through the ages we also have unique secret means The Moon Inviting Fairy said proudly and then said to the disciples of the Lanyue Sect "Pass the order down and arrange the blood sacrifice As a teacher I will summon the Moon Lanyue Saint!" "Yes we have a long history how can we not have some means to press the bottom of the box although the predecessors of the clan have explained that these treasures can not be used unless absolutely necessary but now is the time of life and death of the clan not at this time but when!" Yuxu Laodao also said so Although his younger brother looked hesitant he sighed lightly and did not say anything to stop him Zhao Daoyou try your best to support the magic array and buy time for us to cast spells Ling Mufeng ordered and then sat down cross-legged somewhere in the law array looking very dignified Several other people also dispersed each preparing a powerful last resort The most eye-catching is the monks of Lanyue Sect Seven seven forty-nine were all stunning young girls dressed in red palace costumes They were already very eye-catching At this time they came to the front of the moon fairies and formed a circle with the moon fairies as the center These young girls are not only above the foundation period and keep their virginity but also the skills they practice are the unique "Lanyue Jade Girl Tips" of Lanyue Sect and this set of skills is specially prepared for today's blood sacrifice The moon fairy was invited to sit on her knees her Paints and Coatings eyes closed her mouth reciting incantations silently and her expression became more and more solemn Soon after she took out a jade box covered with colorful amulets from the storage bracelet opened it respectfully and cautiously and took out a colorful flower basket-shaped magic weapon the size of a foot Invite the moon fairy to sing the complex and long incantation softly although profound and obscure but it is pleasant to listen to accompanied by her jade finger lightly one by one on the flower basket The flower basket floated in front of her getting bigger and bigger and finally became the size of Zhang Xu At the same time a refreshing fragrance came from the flower basket which made people feel refreshed and energetic After inviting the moon fairy to do so for half a wick of incense she finally opened her eyes and signaled the beginning of the blood sacrifice Forty-nine young girls at this time pulled up their sleeves and robes one after another revealing their arms like pink lotus roots and stretched them out to the basket of flowers In the basket of flowers there are forty-nine brilliant colors which are connected with the jade arms of the young girls one by one Moments later a heavenly sound came from the basket of flowers while the jade arms of the girls gradually became bright red The girls showed a trace of pain their faces turned pale and the jade arm connected with the basket of flowers became bright red as if the blood of the whole body was concentrated on this arm After a few breaths a line of blood flowed out from the girl's five fingers and slowly poured into the flower basket along the colorful light The basket of flowers suddenly became more colorful and dazzling globalchemmall.com