The History behind Halloween Traditions!

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There’s a history behind everything, and so is behind Halloween. It’s one of the most ancient festivals with its roots dipped deep in the occasion of Samhain. The festival of Samhain was celebrated by the celts, who were the old occupants of Britain.

They used to celebrate New Year on this day and believed that the demons, witches, ghosts and the dead roam around on Earth this night. People tried to please them by offering berries, nuts and other things as the occasion began. On the other hand, many people lit bonfires and put on costumes to scare away the ghosts. Today, these traditions have evolved into different ways of celebrating Halloween. It’s more about availing on Top Vouchers Code and sorting through the scariest Halloween movies to enjoy the festival. However, history always stays intact no matter how much the celebrations evolve. Take a look at the origins of some of the most popular practices of Halloween.

Trick or Treat

According to Celtic history, ancient people offered nuts and berries to demons, which has now evolved into chocolate bars and candies given to children. However, in England, the concept of trick or treat came up when children decided to have one night where no rules apply and when they could play all the pranks they wanted. It was called the ‘Mischief Night’. These days, you would see children dress up, going all crazy about Halloween costume ideas, playing tricks on their neighbours and gathering treats from their doors.

Jack O Lantern

The concept of Jack O Lantern came from the Irish to America. The history goes back to an Irish farmer Jack who carved a turnip, placed a candle inside it, and wandered the Earth after his death to find a resting place. In his life, he tricked a demon into a tree and made him agree that the he won’t let Jack go to hell. However, Jack wasn’t saint enough to go to heaven either, and so, he ended up roaming on the Earth after he died. Today, the turnips have been replaced by Halloween pumpkins which are carved to make a Jack O Lantern. Many people go with extra details while cutting and creating intricate designs to come up with an artsy piece.

Black Cats

Black cats have been associated with the idea of devils and black magic for a long time. The history descends to the middle ages when dark cats were considered a symbol of demons and devils. Centuries later, indicted witches were also found to have particularly black cats. Since then, people started to believe that these felines were the witches’ allies, assisting them in dark magic and supernatural activities.