Hit the devil and have an affair.

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Hit the devil and have an affair.Hit the devil and have an affair.Hit the devil and have an affair.

Teenagers slowly, slowly open their eyes, a pair of clean and beautiful eyes like a baby appear, but the eyes are cold and aloof, not easy to get close to. Teenager hook lips a smile, smile very light very light, do not look carefully, still do not know he is smiling. Seem to be happy that the concert has come to a successful conclusion! He put away his violin and walked to the back of the concert hall, leaving behind his brown hair and a group of people who were addicted to his music. Wait for his figure gradually, gradually disappeared in front of everyone, they just issued a sigh of regret. Luo Er has been looking at the back of the teenager, suddenly thought of what? He ran to the backstage of the concert hall. Aida looked at the back of Luoer's departure and said to Lan Wanxi, who was standing beside her, "Go and help her!" Did she think she could get backstage at a concert hall that easily? So naive! Ada chuckled. Why Lan Wanxi was puzzled. Besides, she hasn't settled accounts with her about the panda incident last time. Why are you helping her this time? "I'm asking you to trick Anluoer into offending the music boy Ziyechen, do you understand?" Aida said to Lan Wanxi. The school attaches great importance to this concert, and the music boy named Ziyechen. If you offend him, you may be expelled from school. Lan Wanxi showed a smile of understanding and walked to the backstage of the concert hall. You go away! I don't want to see you again! Purple night minister roared at Feng Nongxun who walked into the backstage of the music. I'm sorry! Feng Nongxun said guiltily. I feel really,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, really guilty about you! But for Kaoru, you can't use the word "guilt" to describe it, can you understand? Feng Nongxun lowered his eyes feebly, and the guilt was all hidden in his blue and purple eyes. I, don't do this! He has suffered no less than you have! Zuo Huheng, who came in from the concert hall, came out. "Bang" The crystal cups placed on the table were all swept to the ground by the purple night minister. Broken crystal pieces,Glucono Delta Lactone, scattered on the ground, are really beautiful. In particular, the little cold light emitted by the crystal piece stings people's hearts, thus germinating a kind of sad beauty after breaking. Do you understand? The suffocating pain of losing the one you value most and there's nothing you can do about it? Purple night minister's voice is very deep, with tearing all despair, and very deep sadness. Do you understand? How interesting You'll never understand. His voice gradually became louder. "Feng Nongxun, you go. I don't believe you anymore. I shouldn't have let you take care of Kaoru. If it weren't for you, Kaoru wouldn't. You go. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that I won't do anything out of line." Kaoru, Kaoru, why did you tell me not to take revenge on everyone at Sung-woo? Especially Feng Nongxun? Do you know? When I held you for the last time, your pale face made me feel so distressed. Do you know how painful my heart is? The pain that tore my heart and lungs invaded my heart and burned my heart. When you say to me off and on, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "No.." No Revenge Sung-woo's.. Everyone.. Ok Especially.. Feng Nongxun. Is it okay.. Also You must.. Be happy.. I want Listen to you.. Happy The song of.. You have a gorgeous smile on your face, which is really beautiful! Like the light butterfly gently water, or like the morning dew falling from the treetops, or like the flash in the pan, the beauty is suffocating, the beauty is exciting. However, I do not like, really do not like, I still like you usually full of vitality and vitality of the smile, that smile I am afraid even the sun can not compare with it! When you close your eyes tightly, my heart seems to sleep with you. Purple night minister slender and beautiful fingers covered the handsome face, a drop of tears into the hands and then slowly fell down. What the hell is going on in there? Why is there the sound of glass breaking? Luo Er, who was stopped outside, was anxious. Chapter 30 injury. Chapter 30 injury. "Do you want to go in, Anluo?" Lan Wanxi's voice came from behind Luoer. You have a way. Luo turned eagerly and asked. I don't care if there's a conspiracy or something. Lan Wanxi smiled mysteriously and said nothing. "Then say it quickly!"! What is the way? Luo urged. Lan Wanxi gracefully walked up to the security guard who stopped Luo Er, took out a work card, and said, "We are from the news department, and we are here to interview music teenagers." "She's my assistant. She forgot to bring her work card. I'm very sorry!" Lan Wanxi pointed to Luo Er and said, "Now, we're going to go in and interview the music teenager Purple Night Minister. Please accommodate me." With the help of Lan Wanxi, Luo Er and Lan Wanxi soon went in. Let's go Zuo Heng looked at the purple night minister who was sleeping in the memory, and said to Feng Nongxun, who was also meditating. Feng Nongxun looked at the purple night minister, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn't say it. He rubbed his forehead, now he is really really tired, to me, he really do not know how to make up for their mistakes? I don't know how to heal his heart. The wound is too big. He had no choice but to follow Zuo Ember Heng and let Ziyechen be quiet. Luo Er didn't expect to meet Feng Nongxun and Zuo Huiheng. "My dear fiancee, why did you come here?" Zuo Heng said to Luoer playfully, restoring his original playboy. Luoer intuitively looked at Feng Nongxun, he seemed to have suffered a great blow, the body has a trace of trembling, such as shaking off the cherry blossoms, his blue and purple eyes at this time is not the same cold eyes, but has a turbulent pain like the undercurrent and the despair of tearing everything, such as the scattered crystal chips emitting a little bit of cold light, piercing Luoer's heart is very painful. He is as fragile as a child's wounded expression, which makes people feel distressed. Luo Er wanted to explain, but did not know what to explain, she could only say softly: "I am not his fiancee." Feng Nongxun's injured expression fell into Ziyechen's eyes,Kava Root Extract, and he smiled lightly. Kaoru, I'm sorry! I can't keep my promise to you. Forgive me! Feng Nongxun did not seem to hear Luoer's words, so he followed Zuo Heng to leave the backstage of the concert hall. pioneer-biotech.com