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Big idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idolBig idol

Although the style has been chosen, the communication with the photographer must start from the beginning. It took Lee Jun-yi two days to get an average of three hours of sleep, and by Thursday, when the sun was high, he had finished shooting the inside pages and covers of the album, as well as the promotional posters. After photographers worked all night on post-production and editing, Lin Xiyuan rushed to the factory early Friday morning with all the photos for the final packaging of the album. After Lin Xiyuan arrived at the factory, Piao Zhenyu arrived with him. Lin Xiyuan left Piao Zhenyu at the scene as a supervisor, but he could not rush the work and cause problems with the packaging of the album. So Piao Jinyu was stationed in the factory for two days to see all the assembly lines on track without any problems. He left after another day of supervision? Lin Xiyuan, with all the posters and Park Zhenyu's two broker assistants, began to discuss the posting of posters in major companies and shopping malls in Seoul. However, Li Junyi's momentum is booming now, which can be said to be hot, so all the negotiations are going smoothly. Even in South Korea's largest department stores, Lotte Department Store and Hyundai Department Store, the talks went smoothly, and the next day, all the posters of Lee Jun-yi's three series were put up. All of a sudden, the whole of Seoul was occupied by the propaganda offensive of Lee Jun-yi's third series? Fortunately, the early preparation is enough, now just to speed up the progress, before and after only spent less than eight days, Lee Jun-yi album is ready, only? Come on the 3rd,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, the official release is OK? After shooting the album cover and inside pages on the 17th, Li Junyi led Yang Zhenzai, Xu Jun and others to prepare for their return to the stage. Now with AE, the exclusive dance troupe, all the preparations will be much more convenient? However, it is only less than ten days away from the return stage of the third album. It is very difficult to rehearse a perfect stage in such a short time. Generally speaking, singers will practice on the stage for nearly a month before promoting the album to ensure the integrity of the stage. Now this difficult task, in South Korea,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, it is estimated that only Lee Jun-yi can complete it? With the official release of the album day gradually approaching, No.1 people more and more excited, high-speed operation of the "Yi family" but got a breathing time, and returned to the familiar rhythm, for Lee Jun-yi's return to the stage began to prepare up? In today's days when every minute counts, Li Junyi almost sleeps in the practice room, but today, Li Junyi, who has been in the practice room for a week, has gone out to let Yang Zhenzai, who has long been overdrawn, get a chance to breathe? Li Junyi's going out, not to mention Yang Zhenzai and others, even Lin Xiyuan did not inform, quite a bit of surprise. Hung up a phone call to Li Junyi, but Li Junyi pressed it directly, only sent a text message saying "get together with friends", Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and there was no following. Lin Xiyuan knew that Li Junyi was not the kind of person who did things without a sense of propriety, so he simply stopped worrying? At this time, Lee Jun-yi is sitting in "a bunch of sunshine", opposite him is the familiar Yoo Jae-seok, not Park Jae-beom, Koo Hara and others in Lin Xiyuan's imagination? "Zhunyi, I'm sorry to call you out when I know you're preparing to release an album recently." Liu Zaishi or habitually for the sake of others, embarrassed to express an apology? "Oh, senior Shi gave me an excuse to be lazy. I didn't see how happy I was laughing." Li Junyi only a word, let Liu Zaishi ha ha laughed. Li Junyi knew that Liu Zaishi suddenly called himself out, but not to catch up, but look at Liu Zaishi's tired appearance, there is a layer of light black eye at the moment, we know that his state is not very good, Li Junyi also did not ask directly, Liu Zaishi wanted to say naturally? Sure enough, then Liu Zaishi talked about the recruitment of trainees by the "Yi Family", which was a new thing in the entertainment circle recently, and it was quite pleasant to chat about. Although Li Junyi is pressed for time recently, it is not bad for a while and a half, so Li Junyi also relaxed and chatted with Liu Zaishi? "Zhunyi, the momentum of the Yi family has been very good recently, which has been praised by everyone. I also want to curry favor with you." Liu Zaishi's words made Li Junyi laugh. "Well, this is the gift I bribed you. Don't tell anyone, or there will be no place for my old face." The voice just fell, Liu Zaishi actually took out a document bag, put it on the table, and pushed it over? Li Junyi's smile turned into doubt, Liu Zaishi's words are naturally a joke, what is this on the table? At Liu Zaishi's signal, Li Junyi picked up the document bag. Just came into contact with the document bag, Li Junyi had a premonition that this document bag would cause a storm in the entertainment circle, faintly, Li Junyi had guessed what it was. Open the document bag, as Li Junyi guessed, this is a contract, Liu Zaishi signed the "Yi family" contract. The above simply wrote a few clauses, Li Junyi read them carefully. These clauses simply indicated the conditions for Liu Zaishi to sign the "Yi Family", but they were basically not conditions. They only strictly required the "Yi Family" to settle Liu Zaishi's salary on time. If it exceeded a certain time limit-six months, the contract would automatically expire, and so on? Li Junyi put the document back on the table, looked up at Liu Zaishi, frowned slightly, and asked the reason with his eyes? Liu Zaishi touched his forehead and sighed lightly, thinking that this decision was also very difficult for him. Remember the last time I told you about my company? Li Junyi nodded, Liu Zaishi was owed a huge salary for more than a year, this is not a trivial matter, "a few days before the lawsuit finally issued a verdict, I am now free.". ?? Li Junyi soon understood. At the beginning, during the shooting of "Coffee Prince No.1 Shop", Li Junyi had a chance encounter with Liu Zaishi and Jiang Hudong. Liu Zaishi had consulted Li Junyi about this. Li Junyi suggested that Liu Zaishi go to court to fight for his rights and interests. Now, the lawsuit has come to an end,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, as expected, Liu Zaishi restored his freedom, and his original company was ordered to pay Liu Zaishi's salary within the time limit.