University of Western Australia

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The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia's "sandstone universities": universities that have been around for a century or more. UWA is the youngest of the Sandstones, founded in 1911. It is the first university in the state of Western Australia.

UWA is also recognized as one of the Group of Eight leading research universities in Australia. Its teaching is particularly well known in life and agricultural sciences, psychology, education, and earth and ocean sciences.

The university has nine departments: Architecture, Natural and Visual Arts, Art, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Computer and Mathematics, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Domestic Studies and Science.

UWA's alumni include Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, comedian Tim Minchin and Nobel Prize-winning physician Barry Marshall.

UWA's main campus is located in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The central business district is just ten minutes away from UWA. With other facilities such as a hairdresser, weekly market, dentist, bank and an outdoor cinema on campus, students don't have to go far to find entertainment and amenities. Matilda Bay nature reserve and the Swan River border the complex, and the beach is a short distance away.

Every year students raise thousands of dollars through Brosh, an annual charity event in which students dress up and walk around Perth selling a satirical newspaper. An essay written by students mocking current events and political figures. The brooch tradition dates back to 1931.