Do you know plastic ban?

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Plastic products are everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. For example, we often use plastic bags whether we go shopping in the supermarket or pack household waste. However, the European Union has issued a plastic ban, Jiushihao will take you to find out.

Before 2015, EU member states used more than 100 billion plastic bags every year, of which 8 billion were thrown into the sea, causing serious pollution to the environment. According to EU estimates, by 2030, the loss of plastic waste to the European environment will reach 22 billion euros.

Therefore, in May 2018, the European Commission first proposed the "Most Strict Plastic Order". Under the proposal, 10 of the most common single-use plastic products found on European beaches would be banned in 2021.

Which plastic products will be banned?

Disposable plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks), disposable plastic plates, plastic straws, plastic cotton swabs, plastic stirrers, plastic balloon sticks, plastic food and drink containers made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) , oxidatively degradable plastics, food storage trays and expanded polystyrene cups, etc.

It should be noted that although the EU's measures this time are very strict, they are mainly aimed at single-use plastic products, and not all plastic products are banned. Products such as bottles, takeaway boxes, packaging, wrappers, cigarette filters, hygiene products and wipes can still be sold, but manufacturers must pay an additional cleaning fee and inform their consumers of the environmental impact of the product.

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There are also some plastic products that do not need to be discontinued immediately, but will be phased out. Refers to supplies that do not yet have non-plastic substitutes, such as tea cups, water cups, food containers, plastic-coated paper cups, etc.

What impact will this ban on plastics have?

The restriction primarily targets manufacturers and distributors of single-use plastic products, retailers of single-use plastic products, the catering industry (takeaway and delivery), fishing gear manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of oxidatively degradable plastics, and plastic wholesalers. Therefore, many industries such as industry, food packaging, catering, service, and entertainment will be affected, and the circular economy model will be greatly developed.

European sellers can see if they are involved in the customs clearance of these products. If so, please avoid them in advance and adjust the shipping plan in time. If you cannot avoid it, you need to find another way out, and you can use related substitutes.

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